[Archive] Sneaky Gits, again


I’ve been poking around the forum looking for new takes on the sneaky ones and found that no one has really settled on anything. It seems clear they should be skirmishers, but to what extent? Is their current cost okay for swapping their lapping round with skirmishing?

Assuming it is, I’ve come up with this:

Sneaky Gits- 8pts, US 5+

-Current stat line





-Opt for throwing weapons @2pts (4pts with poison)

How much should the scouting ability cost? Basically, I’ve priced it at 3pts. Should they be bumped up to 10pts? I based the throwing weapons on Skaven Gutter Runners, but made them cost 1 less pt due to the fact that the gits would be much less effective with them as they have 2 less MV and 1 less bs. I also thought they might be able to take short bows, but felt throwing weapons would be more fluffy.


These sound about right, I’d be interested to see how they preform in play testing…


I think the sneaky gits might be just a touch too expensive, may be 7 points. Their 5 point present price is probably a bit too pricy given their voided ability.

Has anyone ever thrown out the idea of having them attack in multiple ranks with their full number of attacks. Perhaps even adding a rank to the combat after each successive round of combat.

The unit could also be crafted in more of a defensive format. Maybe they do not suffer any penalty for being flanked (no flank or rear combat modifier and do not loose rank bonuses when engaged in the flank or rear).

I did not intent to take-over the tread. I think the chaos dwarf army would benefit from scouts. I look forward to future posts regarding play testing.