[Archive] Sneaky Gits and Hobgoblin questions

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Ok, I have my Choas Dwarfs Greenstuffed and ready for final painting and now I’m looking at the Night Goblins in the BFSP set and wondering what I sould do with them.

There’s so many warriors with spears, yet, compaired to the Hobgoblin mini’s pictured in Warhammer Presents, none of them carry spears. They carry axes.

Does it matter if mine do? Is a spear still considered a “Hand Weapon”?

Most people use the bowmen to make Sneaky Gits. Can I just use some of the 20 warriors to make those into Sneaky Gits and keep the bowmen? There were bowmen Hobbo’s in WP.

One last thing. In the RH rules, why do Sneaky Gits only have 1 attack when they carry 2 hand weaopns, or is this just one of those odd “definition” rules and they do get 2 attacks because the second weapon adds a +1 attack or something?

If all this is true, then here’s what I’m thinking of doing.

1 unit of 20 Sneaky Gits

1 unit of 20 Hobbo’s with axes

1 unit of 20 Hobbo’s with spears

Please let me know if this is right before I begin with GS.

ThanX for the help!


Use them as whatever armament you want, just make sure your opponent know before the game starts.  Most people will be OK with that.

A 2nd hand weapon gives an extra attack, but that attack is not listed on the profile.


If you need conversion ideas:




As wallacer says, it’s because of the weapon option the have.

I’ve seen people shave the spear shafts a bit, and if done right they look like some sort of dirk or something almost.

If you can get extra axes from Dwarf or Chaos players, you could convert them possibly. Drill a little hole where the handle goes into the axe… then have the spear shaft into a fine point to fit into it. For a secure fit.