[Archive] Sneaky Gits= Longbeards?


A silly idea that will probably be shot down, but what if you make Sneaky Gits the equivalent to Longbeards? I.E. You can upgrade any unit of Hobgoblins to have Double-Handed poison daggers (and maybe WS4 and/or S4 too) for a few points. You can only have one unit of Sneaky Gits for each unit of normal Hobbos you own.


~Would make them NOT take up a special slot.

~If you give a COMPLETE Longbeard-style upgrade (+1 WS & S), they become pretty powerful.

~Lets you make a upgrade bow-hobbos.

*MIGHT be able to upgrade Wolf-Riders (or would that be overkill?)


Something that isn’t 0-1 limited with poison should probably take up a Special slot regardless of anything else…

And Sneaky Gits are rogue-y/ninja-y type things so an increased strength would be quite weird (and, in fact, slightly defeat the purpose of having poison, wouldn’t it?)

The Flying Beaver:

If Sneaky Gits are to be skirmishers, then this idea wouldn’t work. If they aren’t, however, it’s an interesting idea.

Lord Zarkov:

I pretty much second what the other two just said;

also upgrading bow and mounted hobbies seems a little OTT and two hand weapons should really be a hobby option anyway so the upgrade would be poison and possible stats.


should prolly be done like Big 'Uns instead… one unit only…

Hashut’s Blessing:

One unit only (if not mounted/skirmishing), gives +1I and poison (maybe the +1WS). Makes a little more sense. Sort of a cross between the Big Uns and the Longbeards.


I still think that Sneaky Gits should be poison and skirmishers and their own unit entry…

But, on the other hand, reflecting on everything one has to really wonder if the Chaos Dwarf list should even be getting to use poison or skirmish if the focus is apparently supposed to be on heavy armored troops and war machines…

In fact, should they even have access to light, super fast calvary?..

Isn’t lack of movement supposed to be the Dwarven race’s major weakness?


Well, yes, but I think that’s what makes the CD army not just ‘a dwarf army with tusks’.

Well, I’m still curious of some rule the make Gits a little better than Hobbos with knives. Maybe they get a +2 Combat Result for flanking instead of the normal +1? (Not quite a lap around, but gives them a boost when they ARE sneaky.)


I think most people thinking making Sneaky Gits equivalent of Gutter Runners is what makese the most sense. No need to utilize new rules to do something that another unit already does. Plus, by looking at the price increase from Clan Rat to Gutter Runner we can see what the price increase should be between Hobgoblin and Sneaky Git.

But, again… A lot of people on this forum seem to want to minimize or remove Hobgoblins from the army while myself and a few others want to go in the opposite direction and make an all-Hobgoblin army a viable choice… So I wonder if it is even necessary to dilute the ‘big demonic war machines’ direction by keeping skirmishers and light calvary in the list-- especially when they technically belong to a different race entirely.


Normally I’m the guy who says ‘push the envelope, test the limits’. But as far as the CD army goes, I like the Yin & Yang of the two seperate sides. Fluff-wise and army-wise, the two compliment each other nicely.