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Will Liam:

Trying to make my Sneaky Gits look more sneaky �?" 80% finished - My idea now is to put a terradon or two flying down the middle cut into large chunky meaty sections on the top of the held up swords �?" might help to hide the gits in the middle - what do you think?


No one ever said goblins was smart. You just have to remember the old Hide n Seek rule.

“I can’t see you, so you can’t see me”

Will Liam:

Sorry Abecedar I couldn�?Tt get the pics to load


Use photobucket Will Liam! These guys deserve to behold the glory, if they aren’t facebook members! <3 <3 <3


Very nice unit !

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Will Liam:

Thanks Malorndk and Pazuzu - Its now 90% finished


Very nice unit.

Great camouflage for those Sneaky Gits. I never saw anything similar.

Good idea and well executed.


Ahahahah! That’s well worth some slaves!

I don’t think you should add those terradons (or they have to be high above the unit). The paintjob and conversion is excellent - so it seems like a shame to hide it under big birds.

Cool unit.

Will Liam:

cheers Herby - As for the terradons I would like to use them only because I have cut them up lol �?" I think the wings up help lift the birds a bit so might stick with that �?" thanks for the feedback it helps a lot Bloodbeard �?" cheers mate

Fuggit Khan:

Somehow I missed this thread before (no doubt because they’re so sneaky and hard to see). Very cool! I’ve never seen anything quite like it, very imaginative and well executed. Slick colors too :hat off
I will second Bloodbeards suggestion to leave out the terradons, they cover up the beautiful conversions too much.
And I’m sending you some well deserved (sneaky) slaves :cheers


I will third the suggestion to leave out the terradons. The conversion and paint work on the sneaky gits needs to be seen more, and I think the terradons would impede that, unfortunately.


I think a single terradon would be cool, if you convert up 4-5 sneaky gits with long poles, lifting the terradon carcass up above the unit. But then again, I would rather walk barefootet on a lost piece of LEGO than have to buy convet and paint 5 additional models just to pull of a crazy idea.

Your unit right now is extraordinaire. It’s unique. It’s yours and it makes me and many others envious! That should be a great sign that the unit doesn’t need any more work. If you do it, just think of a way to add the terradon without it overshadow your outstanding models. Maybe a unit filler? Atop of a stripped down Pump Wagon being pushed forward by the sneakiest of gitz?

Will Liam:

Thanks for the feedback - 3 people think the birds need to go so go they will - Ill keep the unit as is with out the terradons (Malorndk - might use them with my bolt throwers with long pols - its good idea ) - I have started up a new thread on the showcase page so sorry for any pic spamming - and thanks guys for the slaves Bloodbeard, Figgit and Admiral - next unit Elf/Hobgoblin axe men :slight_smile:

Timothy Archer:

mouhahaha this is really cool ! i don’t know any reason why hobgoblins would try to disguise as seraphon but this is really really funny ! love it


Will you are so talented!! At this rate the Dawi’Zharr will never be spotted “sneakin’ der way inta anyuns armi”

Keep updating will really look great, so inventive!


Hahaha! This is ingenious. The Saurus with chopped-off arms tied to to git’s back is a marvellous take. Great painting, nice idea and thorough execution. I hope to see the Terradon camuflage show up somewhere in the army. If not in the army models proper, then perhaps on a display board?