[Archive] Snotling Lair


Hey one and all and sundry and everyone,

I made a nice little ‘stronghold’ for my brother (Lethalis on ulthuan.net)'s growing Snotling army the other day, and I’d like to share it with you :slight_smile: Not that it’s that great (it was made in about an hour and a half or so), but it should still be amusing in games.


I had a better pic but accidentally deleted it, so you’ll have to do with this one.

I do hope you like it, and lemme know anywayz!


sooo, what is it? it looks like a smore-gone-wrong to me. =S

what CD is it on? lol


It’s a hill (which will look more hill-like when it’s flocked and all that), surrounded by pallisades and with a platform on top of it…

Any real (as in constructive) comments though?

Kera foehunter:

you sould put a dwarf on a chain like a dog tyed to the hut. have a dwarf or elf hanging on a spear !!!


I really like what you have done here!

Constructive advice? hrmmm perhaps some strewn about tools and mess made by the inhabitants, I can hardly see snotlings being neat, and we all know how they love to pick up odds and ends to use as weapons! Maybe a junk pile?


I would say both the points and and the logs of the cocktail sticks need a bit of a going over with an exacto, they look too neat and uniform at the moment.

Other than that maybe a sign with the cliche fungi/fun guy pun. Or the gnoblar pimp with a gangsta rap entourage/posse. Could be a fun modelling project.

Looking sweet geeza, keep up the good work. Is it intended as more of a diorama or gamepiece?


I think it looks pretty cool mate, cant wait to see it finished!

As vex said maybe mess it up a bit with bits of junk but dont over do it.

Ahh perhaps get some small wire and bent it up to make a crude sort of spit with something/one roasting on it much like they did with the old goblobber!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d assume you were going to add weapons, shields and the like after flocking it. I’m curious as to the CD you’ve used as it’s base as well. Add a goblin body where he was swarmed or a goblin being swarmed. I’d say it definitely needs some snotlings on it after it’s painted. otherwise, looks good to me.


I’m interested to see how this turns out before really commenting on it.


Just wondering how this project is coming along, I really liked the look of the start of it, should be rathr cool when its done, I like snotlings they are funny lil things!

Also wondering whats the white stuff that you used to form the bulk of the hill?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Finish the hill and take a pic of the current snotling army on it :smiley: