[Archive] so how good is the siege giant?


i just want to know do any of u had tried the siege giant?

does it really work?

usually a giant is nothing worth being put on the table…but read the siege giant’s rule i had a impulse to put it into my list to give it a chance.

so…do u have some experience with it?


Going to be using it for the first time next weekend in a SOM game.

I’m not holding my breath. It’s a Giant, in armour, basically. Some of its attacks are rather nastier, but it’s still fundamentally just a Giant.


I think the armour will help it noticeably, now it won’t be taken out by a lucky unit of archers or similar. I’d say it’s best used as a monster hunter, it has good potential against them. It’s also Ld 10 which I don’t think the normal giant is. You just have to be a little careful with it’s falling over.


I use mine all the time with my CD list. It works really well. Won the majority of combats its been in, and one it lost it still won (falls over when it dies. It died in said combat, rolled to see where it fell… got a HIT, and placed the template in such a way it killed most of the unit it was fighting. They panicked, and ran off the table :D)


I don’t think you are allowed to choose the direction on a “hit”. You should follow the small arrow on the Hit symbol.