[Archive] So I finally tried Hobgoblin


and I didn’t have to fly to England to do it!

The Flying Saucer, a place in Raleigh, NC, had it much to my surprise. Now I had ordered a local brew the first day there, so I vowed to return. So my girlfriend and I (along with much of my sister’s wedding party), brother and sister in law ended up going the next day after the rehearsal dinner. I got my Hobgoblin, photo courtesy of my girlfriend.

Edit: I probably should add that I really liked Hobgoblin. I also liked the other Dark Ale I tried “Big Boss Bad Penny” which was a local brew.

The flying Saucer has 200+ some different beers from local breweries and around the world. However, only one from Wisconsin! I feel insulted!: P

Oh, and a happy picture from the wedding:


Lol, nice! I actually had to go to England to try Hobgoblin. It’s pretty good :slight_smile:


Well done swiss’ … I like Hobgoblin as well. The closest liquor store to our house (maybe 5-minute drive/15-minute walk away) also has it in 6-packs… cold! Yum!

Stop by any time you’re visiting the prairies and I’ll hook you up!



Great to hear, there is a pub not far from me which is owned by the brewery that make hobgoblin and the pub is also called the hobgoblin, come to think of it the people in there sort of look like hobgoblins :stuck_out_tongue:

Pyro Stick:

Hobgoblin is great. I have about 3 tshirts from collecting the bottle tops (might just be a uk promotion). You should try all the other wytchwood brewery ales (Goliath, Scarecrow, Wychcraft etc) and they also make a cider which i really want to try called Green Goblin.


Lol, ill keep that in mind the next time when i’m in the UK (:

Pyro Stick:

and they also make a cider which i really want to try called Green Goblin.

Pyro Stick
Damn the cider was bought by the company that brewed it for wychwood so its not branded under wychwood brewery anymore. You can buy it here: http://www.thatcherscider.co.uk/products/pearperry/gg500/

I might put in an order for a few bottles.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Awesome work Swiss! …what wedding? Are congradulations in order?


My sister’s wedding.

No congratulations, just a picture of my girlfriend and I dancing.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Ok…so I guess you’re next…whenever “Next” will be! :smiley:


I liked the beer at first, but I went off it after a while.

Pyro Stick:

New beer from wychwood. Ive never been so excited about a new drink before lol. 6.6% as well. Its going to be good.


Totally have to look for that locally… our next games night is Monday the 12th, so there’s plenty of time…  Bwahaha… plenty of time to sample!! :cheers


Pyro Stick:

Totally have to look for that locally... our next games night is Monday the 12th, so there's plenty of time...  Bwahaha... plenty of time to sample!! :cheers


I just got the email about it today so i doubt its even in scotland yet. Im going to scour the city for it on friday though. Ill need to stock up on it incase i can never find it again lol. Most shops up here just sell Hobgoblin.


I like hobgoblin and also several of there other brands. Lucky for me I don´t need to go to England to get it (even if I want too)


I used to drink Hobgoblin ages ago when I worked in a store that sold it. There were a few more but I can’t get the names to mind. Must be the side effect of drinking that stuff I guess! ^^


you should try the honey’d beer, beewyched, its awsome, if you are in the uk morrisons sells it quite cheep


Hmmm. Beer.

And now, I have plans for the evening… a few cold ones and playing some old school crpgs. Excellent!


While I’m sad to say it sounds like they stopped selling them in my state, I have found where to get them. In Illinois. Thankfully I live close to the border.

So I had a friend, who was coming up to play a game of Warhammer and try 8th out, pick me up a 6 pack. I, of course, paid him back as well as offered him one. He really approved of it too!

Hobgoblin is awesome.

Pyro Stick:

Went out to look for King Goblin today and only found Hobgoblin but i probably checked the most northen co op in scotland so i shouldnt have had any hopes of finding it. Picked up a Hobgoblin so ill enjoy that later and check for King Goblin again on friday when i go to the city.