[Archive] So i found another project i might try


Hey everyone! I’ve been considering converting a “Greater Daemon of Gork”, and wanted to hear your thoughts… My first thought was to play him as Ghazgukull, and make him towering over other orks (Maybe twice as big as a Nob?). I want to hear your opinions, before i spend more money on GS. Thanks!


That sounds like it could be fun! I’d like to see it for sure!

Do it!

Captain Crayon:

I think you should make him from a giant :stuck_out_tongue: Brutally cunning or possibly cunningly brutal.

Though that might be too big…

what about an ogryn or ogre?

I’ve seen some ogres with orc heads that almost look like the belonged there and you end up with a massive fat super orc :stuck_out_tongue:


Ogres… Hmm… Im liking where this is going… I want him to have a large banner too, so ogres would work quite well. I think i may order some bulls or ironguts. I suppose i could use the other ogres as mega-nobz… being that they have so much fat, a 2+ armor save would work. Then agin, that may leave me with quite a lot of extra ogres.

Thanks for the idea, i think i know where im going!

Edit: I may also want to order some large guns for them…

Leon Brachwurster:

try using the black ork banner top for the head. It fits very well. Also if you want a power claw, the Defiler claw works well


I like the new river trolls… I might just have to wait for those to come out…