[Archive] So it happened agin


I recently got a new raider, from GW because my old one had a hole in it that wouldnt fit into any flying bases. After they sent me the new one, I discovered, it has the exact same problem. How can i fix this? I really dont want to ask them to replace the replacement…


Da Crusha:

so, just so I understand this correctly, the hole in the model is too small for the flying base to fit in it? in that case I would just drill out the hole to the correct size.


No, Its to big for the base to fit in. The raider will flop forward, looking as if its crashing


Green stuff! use it for the purpose most people use it for, filling gaps. Then paint it the same colour you paint the base, problem solved


Yeah, So far i have two bulky custom bases for my raiders.


Everybody has their own way to do it but prop it up while the GS dries. Some glues are also good for this type of things but I use Green Stuff so I wouldn’t know how to help you if you chose that method. Sorry I couldn’t be more help

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Plug the hole with a round piece of plastic sprue and then re-drill it.


Thanks for the help everyone. Ill stick with the green stuff idea, or i like Tarrakk’s idea.


Or drill a different hole and reposition it, then fill in the hole thats too big with GS. I did that with mine, so its at an angle.

The Brain:

I have had this problem, the best way to fix it is to use the taller pegs ro the the large flying bases. That little peg on the tip is too weak to support a model that size so you have to make the whole a little bigger. Carve out the hole until it is a little bigger, make the hole big enough so that the raider fits about half way down the peg. This will allow them to fit on the bases, plus you can easily take them on and off for travel. They are alot more stable this way, and it makes them sit about an inch off of the ground so they acctually look like they are skimming. Trust me, after putting together about 10 raiders and 3 ravangers, it works. Let me know if you have any questions.


I appreciate the advice- I like the skimming idea, that would make the raiders looks pretty cool. Thanks for the help, Brain!