[Archive] so what have you done

Kera foehunter:

I just wanted to see what people did when this site was closed and

how was there holidays .

I missed you all…Kera


We missed you too, Kera :smiley:

(especially the post count recorder, which feared for it’s job with you not around).

Mostly I just read books, went to barbecues, watched some sport, movies and TV, spent some time with my new love interest and drunk too much over the holidays (which I could have easily summarised by just saying I live in New Zealand :wink: ).

The site being down was a bummer but I didn’t really notice as I was either on holiday (don’t have net access at home) or was back at work with no time for micropauses (read: surfing the net).


(especially the post count recorder, which feared for it's job with you not around).


I spent some time with my family I actually worked a strech of 23 days of before i had one day off from either job! :o

As noted in my blog I actually got a bunch done (though not as much as I would like), played a lot of Guitar Hero III, played some video games, etc... pined for Kera's return to CDO, errrrr wait a minute! ;)


i worked on my army INSERT SHAMELESS ARMY BLOG PLUG HERE! so check it out…


Got working on a 5-8 battlewagon 40k army, played through everything in The Orange Box. Also got into the National Youth Choir :D.

Knight Of Awsome:

let me make this clear…I DID NOTHING!!

really i did nothing…other than play some gild wars with my new graphic card:)

Kera foehunter:

well the holiday where ok being single. People wanting to fix you up with there friend and there sons saying that you cant be alone on the holidays. Bahumbug i had the most fun be alone with my kittys .Well work and every day would go to the site looking for it to be open. i did some figures and painted one out of a month .


I was able to finish my 2000 points of DarkElves, finished the conversion of my CD-Leadbelchers and a couple of CD warriors and another sorcerer. Didn´t complete the painting, thou. Also, I started with re-doing my bretonnia themed vampire army. Or was it a vampire themed bretonnian army?? I´m not to sure either. Anyways, it´s about zombie-man-at-arms, coffin-grail-reliquae, headlesshorsemen/skullface knights of the realm and giant-bat-riding pegasus knights.

So far so good. Also I am working on a rhinox-cavalry-ogre and the conversion of a giant into a giant minotaur, both are gifts.


Without CDO to guide me I started work again on my Dwarf army, finishing off some old units.

I did a load of sculpting on various things, and also started my sorcerer conversion (based on a hammerer standard bearer), and my Soul Reaper warmachine.


kera, you need a nice wargamer boy.

Uzkul Werit:

I painted, converted and based 2,500pts of Nurgle Daemons, did Drama coursework and read Liber Chaotica. All at the same time.

Needlessly to say, my mind has vanished.


I sat here and did nothing, also I lost 6 stone since I left but thats half as important

Pyro Stick:

Well, I read, i read some more, i read a bit more and i bought more cd’s (music cd’s) than i ever have in my life before. I started work on a chaos dwarf hero but got bored.

Ghrask Dragh:

Unfortunetly on the Chaos Dwarf side of things I haven’t done much at all :rolleyes:.

I have been painting though, my quest to get on the Avatars of War website is nearing it’s conclusion with my Barbarian miniature nearly finished (I’ll post a thread on this site whether it makes it onto that one or not!). The biggest change for me over the holidays though learning to use inks, to no great effect yet;), I never really liked the idea and avoided them like the plague but in trying them on a few things I would recommend them to other painters, they can make a real difference to armour!

I have also recently bought some brown stuff and procreate so I can start sculpting again soon, been doing nothing but painting since the sites been down so no progress there.

I did buy a new camera, fujifilm finepix-S8000fd, it has 8megapixels and 18x zoom :o so now I really do have to improve my painting, this thing is great now all I need to do is paint something to take a picture of!!


Ishkur Cinderhat:

I painted some 40k stuff and tried out a dipping technique on some DKoK models, but the result turned out to be not as satisfying as I had hoped. And I played a game of WHFB last week with my Chaos Dwarfs who much to my pleasing kicked some Altdorf asses real good. ^^

Hashut’s Blessing:

I… Urm… made the podcast (was very proud of myself. Low esteem of my voice and what not), then, saw my girlfriend LOADs, urm… had the best day of my life when we popped up to London for our year anniversary to see Wicked and spend the day there, urm… avoiding doing work, sleeping through lectures, but not the night, stayed up all of last night and painted 20 night goblins as hobgoblins archers in less than 3 hours, urm… got pissd of with the university for losing my internet again! (14 weeks we’ve had the internet for 5 of them!) Urm… that’s it methinks. Oh, my housemate didn’t bring the tele back after Christmas and so now we can’t play the playstation 2 any more… Really wanted to try out some of my new games and pwn people at Battlefront II (which I’ve had for ages)…

Also, played Guild Wars when I could (Brokk Branbeard for anyone else that plays, e.g. Knight of Awesome).


I finaly read all the books Ive had been keeping in stock. Including Palace of the Plague Lord and Grudgebearer. Not enough CD.

Also a lot of historical books about the Dreyfus Case.


well lets see…played a lot of online Call of Duty 4 (GruntsKilla1175 for anyone that plays). On the warhammer side 5 of my friends and I started a tournament which we dubbed the “Christmas Classic” even going so far as to spend $100 on a trophy for the winner (which happens to be just the right size for the victor to drink a pint out of). It is three rounds (1st round 2000pts, 2nd round 2500pts and a random objective, 3rd round 3000pts with special characters allowed) followed by the playoff round (best of three, winner moves on to next round). It took us until last week to make it to the playoff round. Out of a total of 15 wars, my chaos dwarfs have been massacred in 12 battles :frowning: (out of pity my friends proposed allowing me to take the hellcannon and gave me a list of magic items from the hordes of chaos book). My beautiful models are now stored in a messy pile on a shelf with the hellcannon thrown on top.


playing advanced hero quest!!!

when ts my turn to GM chaos darfs are going to be the badguys!!! great game if you can get hold of a copy

other than that lots of working, mini wise ive painted some hasslefree stuff and started sculpting a bit again. read quite a bit id reccomened RA salvatore’s drizzt books they are really good.


My friends and I started a new AD&D campaign, we went old school! 1st edition!