[Archive] So who like it hot

Kera foehunter:

Well today we h it  98  and humid it heat index with humidty  110
are normal high are 83 this time of year


I lived in florida for about 10 years… And i still hate the heat!


It was 87 F in Philly today. I love my hometown but I can’t take heat and humidity. Bring Back Winter.


Humidity sucks! In colorado, we just have sheer heat


← Upstate New York, Texas and Florida

there’s places without humidity?


Yeah, Desert States like Arizona and Nevada.

I heard that there was a time that governement workers in Philadelphia and Washington would get tropical pay for the summer because of the heat and humidity.


Mid 90’s here… before heat index. So it’s higher than normal. Thank Hashut for A/C.

Dry heat, I can handle. It’s the humidity that is just brutal.

I still prefer this over winter… any day. So much easier to deal with. Keep in mind, I’m talking about Wisconsin winters.

Kera foehunter:

Yea !! humidity my hair is so fizzed Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

but we had some cool thiunder storms need a knife to cut thew the humidity thow


We hit around 80fh around where I live the other week (UK). That is nearly a heat wave for the uk! lol.


We are going to hit 90 in CIty of Brotherly Love.

And me with skin that turns red in sunshine.

Crank up the A/C.


I burn so easy its not funny, SPF 1000 for me :wink:


Another one with what I jokingly refer to a red-haired Irishmans disease.


In the Northwest USA, this has been the first week below 80F all month. At the beginning of the month it was in the nineties, even when it was in the eighties it was horribly humid. A nice relief this week.


it was 89 yesterday, going to hit 94 today… humidity (i still hate it, I grew up in the west, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, no humidty there) is going to be about 89%…

this morning the humidity was so thick it was like fog… it’s terrible when your first deep breath outside makes you wonder if you aren’t underwater or something…

when I was younger and a bit more thin, it never really bothered me… now, a bit over weight, the humidity and heat kick my butt.


anything over 22C and I can’t cope. I’m built for winter.


anything over 22C and I can't cope. I'm built for winter.


I think it's about 28C here ATM. And I got the computer and LCD tv... Bleeech.
Its 27C and some #¤%&@£$ is smoking outside so when I try to air out my apartment I get all the smoke inside. :sick x.x


22C is like 72F, that’s not too bad. Personally I would like 15-16C all the time.

During the summer here in Philly we get days around 100F (38C if my converter program is working) with 80-90% humidity.


I’m young and thin, but because one of my lungs and my heart are partially compressed… yeah, I know how you feel. Not fun.


I'm young and thin, but because one of my lungs and my heart are partially compressed... yeah, I know how you feel. Not fun.

Yeah, it sucks
Huzza for Pectus excavatum! :cheers


Good catch dedwrekka! That’s exactly what I have. Pretty significant one too.