[Archive] So... you like fire?


You like daemons?

Do you?

Check out this guy’s army…

Special guest appearance by the Reaper Brass Bull.

It’s ok to drool a little.

Kera foehunter:

nice bull breathing flames!! they all look cool fire!! fire !!


I’ve seen this army online before, it is very cool I have to admit. I know someone who was going to have a Black Coach riding flames. He had this idea back in 2005, but never did it.

fire!! fire !!

Kera foehunter
Easy Beavis!


I also saw this army some time before, very cool and unique!!!



Can’t find the link but yes this was posted here not to long ago… still cool the second time around.


That’s really amazing, but there’s one thing I don’t get in there, and that’s the Herald on the brass bull. How the hell is his flaming mace lit?!!


Maybe here? :rolleyes:


Yes, this army is really impressive! The first time I saw it my jaw fall down, I’m still searching it… :smiley:


ooooh, glowy! :slight_smile: I like, thanks for posting Xporter!

I prefer the fire you find in diamonds, but fiery minis is preeeeeeetty darn sweet!