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Another question I’m trying to get a handle on. Am I the only one starting/already suffering FB/Twitter fatigue? I’m finding that is getting to be more of a pain then it’s worth

I’ve ready purged my friends list.  



Another question I'm trying to get a handle on. Am I the only one starting/already suffering FB/Twitter fatigue? I'm finding that is getting to be more of a pain then it's worth

I've ready purged my friends list.  


You're not the only one.

I like Facebook - but I find myself feeling compelled to check for new posts in various groups, look for updates, etc... ALL THE TIME. It's getting out of control.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

And again I say “no good can come from putting your picture on the Internet”.

My “friends” post pictures of the food they eat (which too often looks like vomit but WTH do they think I’d care in the first place?!), spam “click Like so little Jimmy can get a new kidney” kinds of crap, and spend the rest of the time whining or bragging about more stuff. The thoughtfulness or even usefulness of social media has been drowned out by people’s mental diarrhea that they feel compelled to share. I have no use for social media anymore.


Depends what you do with it. I only have people I know in real life on facebook, which gets it into two figures. I also set the people with a large noise-signal ratio on ignore, and ignore all “games”. Gets into a manageable level. I’m still not sure what twitter is for unless you absolutely need to know some news the minute it happens. It’s like Facebook but with bigger restrictions.


Personally I connect to Facebook only once a day. And NEVER update my profile. I use it mainly as a tool to keep contacts with friends (I worked in 4 continents and about 7 different countries in the last 7 years)…

Blue in VT:

That is the reason I ignore it all together…of course instead I have about 10 forums (fora?) that I try to keep up with…so its probably just as bad…but I don’t use my real name for those…:slight_smile:




And here I thought all this time your real name was Blue. :wink:


One forum for me is all i have time for. I don’t do F-Book or Twitter. Have never seen the need. Though a real good mate swears by it but I know he’s got Post Traumatic Face-Book Disorder and is trying to cut back on it

Thommy H:

Social media’s what you make of it. If your friends on Facebook are boring and you only follow arseholes or dumb celebrities on Twitter, you’ll think it’s all a waste of time (there’s a good screenshot out there somewhere of Megan Fox tweeting how she doesn’t see the point of twitter, and it shows she’s following 0 people…).

Me, I don’t live close to many of my friends, so Facebook is necessary to keep connected to them, and I have a mix of people on Twitter that generally focus around writing and political activism (specifically the contingent far to the left of any mainstream media which means I keep abreast of the issues that matter to me like intersectional feminism, LGBT rights, anti-facism and so forth). I follow and am followed by quite a few independent writers too, which has really helped my fledgling writing career so far. Plus there’s a lot of good, funny people tweeting very clever things if you know where to look. Twitter is where modern humour is being born - it’s unfiltered insanity and I wouldn’t be without it.

But it’s not for everyone. Some people prefer to remain anonymous online. I’ve been using the internet regularly for half my life now and I’m always connected. If I’m not on one of the computers at home, I’m using my phone to keep up with things. It’s just how my life works. Plus, you know, I have stuff to sell online now, and maintaining a visible presence via social media is part of that.

So no. No fatigue for me. It’s pretty much a way of life.


I’ve often thought I should do face book to catch up with some distant friends but haven’t. Anyway one day I’ll be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century… one day

Hashut’s Blessing:

For me, Facebook is great for keeping up to date on job opportunities and keeping in touch with friends without going hugely out of my way (I’d have to intentionally go to e-mails and send them one, for example - not HUGELY out of the way, but means I’d have to think about keeping in touch more than I do right now).

Twitter - supposedly very important for my choice of work, but it seems utterly useless without a phone that supports it and being the kind of person who largely doesn’t post irrelevant shizzle up all the time.


It’s grown into an abortion of a service. When MySpace and Facebook first popped up with out the invasive adds and bs things were nice.

Now I believe its outgrown its usefulness and become a huge marketing spam laden pyramid.


Our gaming clubs main point of contact is its facebook group- and that is really all i use facebook for. Aside from posting humourous and offensive pictures. It is useful as a portal for discussion and creating/arranging events for the club.

Facebook if you are interested.


Our gaming clubs main point of contact is its facebook group- and that is really all i use facebook for.
It is useful as a portal for discussion and creating/arranging events for the club.

For the people with access to FB.
Since my friend got on FB to get elected, which worked (but not necessarily due to naturally), we finally also have a FB for the club. Where people arrange games or stuff. I don't know. I'm not on it. So I don't knot s***, and it's starting to p me off.

So instead of something everyone can access/use a lot of it moves to closed discussions. Great...

I'd also mention the "complacency" it breeds in people. Suddenly if you aren't on FB you don't exist. And hat process is FAST I find. I wouldn't be surprised to find I wasn't invited to my own birthday party (or something) because it was only announced on FB.


I get burnt out with social media too, especially facebook. Random people often step in and take over. I love to be philosophical and often will post medatative thoughts or even random poetry and some people act like you just shot someone. In my opinion much of facebook is dyslexic vanity. I just don’t think that way about things and seldom have thoughts in 5 words or less. The only upside is that I am able to stay in touch with people that I might not otherwise and for me that outweighs alot of the negatives.



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Thommy H:

You guys are weird.


I use my facebook for networking. Keeping in touch with friends, remembering birthdays etc. is pretty smart. Facebook is mainly a “bankvault” of my “i know a guy that can fix, know about, have something” contacts.

As a LARPer, community man and hobbyist it’s also a smart tool for keeping track of multiple arrangements and projects.

And as a rule I delete contacts that invite me for games, show pictures of food or say something racial/political or otherwise retarded stuff.

CDO, Powerfist and other hobby forums are a much better place to socialize - for me at least.


Did it pulled the plug on twitter and I am in the process of shutting down FB.

Been off FB since about Sunday… feels good


For those of you who care and I am throwing this here out of the amusemen.

FB closed down an ad company who posted pictures of a girl who killed her self on a dating ad.

People went up in arms, which isn’t unbelievable. I’m amused at this because of the absurdity and stupidity surrounding this event.

Social media has become this