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Hi guys!

I have found something I think will really bring joy in our little community ! :slight_smile: I have been so lucky to find 5 hobgoblin command groups to us! Still in blisters!!!

I have 3 of theese:

- 13 pounds + 5 pound postage (8-10 pounds total if you buy all three).

And two of theese:SOLD!

They are all for sale! Bids in PM please as im not allways great as checking threads. No asking what the price is, all deals are different, so you start with the ball in your course :slight_smile: All payment goes through paypal. As gift or as buy. If the latter you pay the fee :slight_smile: There are two ways of posting things from Denmark. One with tracking that cost about 23 pounds (Yeah, I know! What a rip of!) and one for about 5-7 pounds but without tracking - Depending on where you live and how much you want. Postage of your choice !

I hope you are happy with the find guys, I though of you !


PM sent.

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Only GiL?, so it goes on the ebay


They are on ebay now. To avoid the ebay fee, I will sell all 3 for 55 pounds