[Archive] Some more Mad Stuff from da Clown


Hey folks,

Have some random Warhammer piccies:


Alien thingy (I was bored…)

Converted Spawn

Rat Ogres (Left one is bit blurry)

Hope ya like 'em. The bases obviously need some more work. Comments anyone?


not bad at all! looks like you enjoy drybrushing


you sir, are obviously quite mad.:o Insane, infact. :stuck_out_tongue: Where did you get the idea for your alien thingy? It looks mental!:hat off


@ Cryozen: Yeah, I like to see results fast… and drybrushing is relatively easy:)

@ Hammerhand: Haha, thanks!:hat off (I’ll take that as a compliment) The alien idea is based on a creature from a computer game, with some of my own ideas thrown in:)

Thanks for commenting:cheers

Ghrask Dragh:

:slight_smile: this is one messed-up museum of mutants! khorne spawn looks crazy :sick


Hashut’s Blessing:

Not sane enough for your work, Clowny! However, I do really love the friendly zombie! “Never leave a soldier behind. Not even a dead one.” The use of the wagon-style wheel is brilliant and you can use the alien as a 40k spawn!