[Archive] Some of my Rapid Fire! WW2 Romanian Tanks

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I was last here, but I thought I’d show you some finished pics of my Romanian T-38 light tanks for the game Rapid Fire! by Colin Rumford and Richard Marsh.

A division of Romanian T-38 Light Tanks. Historically, these tanks were built in Czechslovakia, captured by Germany and then supplied to Romania. These tanks and the R-2’s made up the bulk of the Romanian Army’s tanks. The T-38 was better known as the Panzer T-38 - 37mm.

These tanks wears the full colour King Michael Cross and has a stat line of : 24/12 movement, D class armour, VMG hull mounted gun, AT class 5 / HE 6 points table 4 (or VMG) and costs 35 points.

The Romanian T-3 tank. Historically, this tank was made by the Germans and then supplied to the Romanian Army. It is better known as a Panzer III N with the short 75mm barrel gun.

The tank wears the white boardered King Michael Cross and has a stat line of : 24/12 movement, C class armour, VMG hull mounted gun, AT class 4 / HE 10 points table 4 (or VMG) and costs 40 points.


Im have a interest in Romanina during WWII as well and have a question for the later german tanks. Mainly the T-4s (Pzkpfw IV) they received in '44, do you know if they painted any insignia on then? As far as I know they kept their the original colors of all the german tanks, both grey, dunkelgelb or whatever mix of cammo they already had.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I think by that time, Romania was just taking the armor as they got it. I’ve seen pictures where they still have the German crosses on them. There’s even pics of Romanians wearing German uniforms with coloured wrist bands to identify them as not Germans.


As I suspected, either german or some white KMCross, Ive seen plenty of romanians wearing german equipment, but never german uniforms. As far as I know they used to wear a yellow band around the arm indicating they were not Russians, since they had similar uniforms, and later a three colored band.

Anyway, thats for your answere and good looking tanks! Should the T-3/T-4 tanks really be green?

Btw, Rapid Fire is that 20mm?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Hi again!

Rapid-Fire is 1/72nd scale…not sure of the metric equivilent…I thin that oo Train Scale is the same (from England).

Here’s a video I made about the game : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-9Ot_gQIJw