[Archive] Some of the new dwarfs available on GW


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King Belgar,dragon slayer and iron hammers/long beards are available now on GW … At least in US …

I suppose the rest will be available tomorrow for pre order or whatever …

Sorry if you guys already knew this …


The models are also available in Germany!

GW want 17 Euros per model! :o They are insane! :mad

For this money I’ll buy some other better looking models from other manufacterers! :cheers



Thanks. I don’t check GW webpage anymore. So it was nice to get some pictures of the dwarves. Could make for some cool Dawi Zharr. … alas I have minis for 60 infantry models already.

Those helmets would be easy to turn into big hats.


Time to put some of those models I’ve been meaning to sell on ebay…