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Hello guys,

I’m playing Warhammer (Druchii) now for quite a long time and my army is now nearly finished.

So I’m was thinking about what new army to take and finally had to decide between CD or TK.

And i think the Chaos Dwarfs made it!

Now I’ve got some questions before I start collecting the servants of Hashut:

1st: Do you use the OaG-Rules of the armybook or ravening hordes (if there are differences, I don’t own the OaG-Book)

2nd: Same question especially for the animosity rules (OnG-Army Book or Ravening Hordes)?

3rd: Are CD allowed to include DoW (and especially a Giant) in their armies?

Ok, I think that was it for the beginning.

Thanks deadly

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I think there is no alternative to using Ravening Hordes for the Chaos Dwarfs. You will still need the Orcs and Goblins army book for any greenskins that you might have in your army, though.


hello there…

1) WD 251 stated that we are to use the current O&G book for animosity and unit entries for our special choices…

you may choose Arrer boyz, 0-1 Black Orcs, Common Goblins, and Orc Boyz…

2) same answer… especially for the animosity rules…

3) CDs can include most types of DoW (all except dwarfs)… and most RoR (as per individual unit entry)…

they may not however take the Giant… as we were not listed amongst the armies that can take them…


Thanks Guys,

just because metro mentioned it: where can I find the list of the armies that may take the giant?

cheers deadly

The Flying Beaver:


Here you go, all the rules for the Giant.


Wow, that was fast!!! Thanks TFB!



Maybe we should make a sticky for these basic rules questions


I will probably amend some of this to the FAQ already stickied in this section.