[Archive] Some really-really old Models

Knight Of Awsome:

Ok I’m guessing that some of theses guys are from first or second edition. sorry for the bad pictures there wasn’t lots of light so they got a little fuzy…:~

(Juggernaut of khorne):

(orks on boars):

(orks on foot):

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think that juggernaught is 2nd or 3rd and I’m pretty sure the foot orcs are 3rd, POSSIBLY 4th. But, don’t quote me on it.


Awesome finds though, the jugger is awesome

Knight Of Awsome:

OK heres some more models, i think most of them are from 1987 and later…i don’t know what edition there from, anyone know what edition there from?

(Bunch O boxes):

(more boxes):


The old juggernaut is very nice

Kera foehunter:

where did you find them??I like the orc calv.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m quite sure that the “Doom Lords”, which are Chaos Warriors, are from 4th edition. As for the rest, I honestly couldn’t say for sure.


the orc unit is the black orc ror mothercrushas from the 2nd/3rd ed

such cool stuff, where did you find them?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Having just had another look at the juggernaught, I love the dude’s shield :smiley: It needs some sort of emblem/boss on it, but it looks cool!

Knight Of Awsome:

@Kera foehunter/This_Is_My_Boomstick!!: If you can believe it or not they were giving to me!

@Hashut’s Blessing: Ok I’m going to get a picture(front&back) of him Tomorrow, then im going to post it for all to see.

By the sounds of it, I’m going to paint the Juggernaut first out of all the models(base the juggernaut too) so that everyone can see it in all its glory! I’m trying to find out what edition the ork boar riders are from but i cant seem to find them. there from 1988, anyone know what edition(s) came out then?

Kera foehunter:

Lucky!!! well let me know when you feel like given them away .

i will take them K.o.a. now the fun of painting them


That is a very cool collection of old models.