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So I have been busy, And here is why… A new project! Sometime ago I ordered the rulebook for Secrets of the third reich and read it, and fell in love with it. So I bought some models… and painted those models, and here they are!

Note if the pictures are not showing then the dropbox is messing with me again → so please comeback later :hat off

This is my start, 10 Mech grenadiers. 3 with assaultrifles and 7 with semi-autorifles. The middle one had a gunswap so I had to sculpt his HUGE hands from GS.

This is the whole unit painted. Sorry about the shine and lack of proper lightbox.

Now some individual shots.

Your basic Mech Grenadier armed with gewehr45. This is the backbone of german army.

Then a mech grenadier with mp48 assault rifle, I’ll probably use him as corporal for my squad.

Mr.Bighands, the guy I had to sculpt the hands, I’ll use him as my squad leader (Feldwebel).

I kind of rushed these guys into colours, I started them today, and spent around 5-6 hours on these (not including the waiting times for glue to set and basecoat to dry).

They have 2 different camo colour schemes the first one is platanenmuster or plane tree, which is used on jackets and pants, this camouflage pattern was used by the germans since 1937 and, so it’s early war. The other pattern is eichenlaubmuster (oak leaf) which is bit newer, I used it on the armours. My idea was that they have received the armour later so that’s why it’s slightly newer pattern. they didn’t have enough trousers or jackets to go with the body armor so they had to keep their old ones :-(.

Then a teaser picture about the future.

So please leave a comment, and tell me what you think. Every comment and criticism is much appreciated, even if it’s about my lack of knowledge about german camouflage patterns :cheers.



Are you using them in games or just as a diorama? Love the buildings! Very well planned MDF


Are you using them in games or just as a diorama? Love the buildings! Very well planned MDF

Thank you very much!

The buildings are from CNC Workshop, and really are a great kit. But IMO too pricy for that 12,5£ and postage from australia to europe, well you can get them from europe but 15�,� for something you have to pretty much still build yourself is really too much for me. I got them cheaper from a store that was going out of business.

I'm using those models in game, Secrets of the third reich. From Westwind & Grindhouse. So they are just painted quite fast and easy for table top quality (That's why they shine, I gave them a spray of varnish to keep them safe from battle damage). Currently working on a command squad and some aufkläder.


Achtung! Himmel sukeltakaa!

So, hello everyone :D.

Yesterday and today I spent half a day painting different miniatures, mostly SoTF models though. Most are still WiP, but I have managed to finish these guys today.

First is my Mech Grenadier Command Squad. From left to right: Radio operator, grenadier with mp48, leutnant with mp48 and luger, unteroffizier with mp48 and medic with mp47. I’ll add gewehr45 or mp47 to radio operator when I can decide on which is better for my play style.

Then 5 Aufklärer with mp47. The middle one is feldwebel with luger and mp47, his mp47 is on his back and not showing.

Anti-Mech rifle team. So one guy with gewehr45 and other with mechbusch. I’ll probably use these as upgrade for my grenadier units rather than as on their own.

then 2 snipers. To be used as a sniper team, and not as upgrades for my aufklärer.

As you can see I changed a bit of my paint scheme, some of the guys are in autumn camos rather than summer, and some have their field gray uniforms. I want to try and make them look a bit ragtag. And I’m going to make few terrain pieces that are set on early autumn, so mixture of greens, browns, reds, oranges and yellows everywhere. I’m kind of bored for the green only battlefields and want to have something different.

My friend left me with whole lot of walls and one ruin, and couple of weird scifi styled terrain pieces. He got them from somewhere COMPLETELY FREE!, along with a pile of gamezone blisters (that lucky git:mad). Well anyways, we made a deal about, me painting all of the terrain and keeping around half as payment for painting them. So free fortifications for my merry men! :o

I was planning on getting more pics, but camera battery decided otherwise.

well, I hope you like them :hat off



Back again.

Todays total: loads of fortress parts painted to some degree, and 3 jägerhunds complete.




And all of the doggies. The varnish is shining so badly again, but at least they are protected. :mrgreen:

Then a shot of all of my german troops. Now just to rush around same amount of americans ready and I start teaching my friends on how to play.

Ordered loads of new stuff from maelstorm, HUGE amount of materials for fall themed terrain, I want to build enough terrain for a full table. Then some selected german characters and few americans. Oh and SDKFZ 331/1 Hornet Panzer Mecha. So finally some heavy stuff!



im also interested in secrets of the third reich, what can you tell me about it? how are the rules, how does the system work? how big are the battles?


im also interested in secrets of the third reich, what can you tell me about it? how are the rules, how does the system work? how big are the battles?

My own battle experience is limited to what I have read on the internet (I have just started myself) *Here* is a nice topic where this one guy has played many battles and written good battle reports. It seems to me that small battles are somewhere around 15-25RP and bigger ones are around 50RP.

The game system itself seems really fun and different (I have only played warhammer). The models don't really have stats for themselves, they only have Cool value (LD) which can be upgraded and is higher on platoon leader. Everyone is assumed to hit with same results IE. 4+ with shooting. And only modifiers are the things like cover and range and such. So in a way it's quite simplistic and you don't need to memorize everystat and have loads of reference books. Only difference between models is their special rules, which are fitted on fewpages.

Other clever thing is that there is only one damage chart. The same chart is used from unarmoured man to very heavy tanks, and from normal rifleshots to super heavy AT rounds.

Also the turn sequence is different. Every round starts by one person getting the initiative (both players roll and add their platoons highest cool value) the person who wins goes first, and then the other. Also units are moved one by one. IE. I move my grenadier squad here, then you choose your unit and do what you want. Which is also a Huge change from warhammer.

All in all it seems like a fun game to play. Only complaint I can think of that some of the rules are written quite unclearly, and the official game forums haven't accepted my registration (the admins haven't approved it yet). So I have no way of searching for answers on my questions x.x. I think I'll try contacting the SoTF forum administrators via email.


sounds fun, i guess i’ll have to get a closer look at the system. i started fow earlier this year, and while i really enjoy the rules and system, it’s a great game, for me something still doesn’t feel right playing “historical” ww2… and sotr might just be mad enough to do the trick!


I know what you mean. WWII is great as a theme and such, but… add zombies, werewolves, mechas, ufos, vampires and supermen and it becomes, so much better :D.



Once again, I’m bringing you the joy story of 3rd reichs secrets.

without a further ado, have some WiP pics.

First is Wolfgang Faust, Albinowerewolf commander of some platoon somewhere, not quite sure yet, but maybe some fluff is needed also… Still WiP I’ll think of somesort of mudbath for his too crisp jacket and trousers. otherwise I’m happy with him.

Then a test model, combining Warlordgames models with SoTR head, Resulted in a nice dynamic smg trooper. The scale is exactly right, And the real historical equipment gives a nice addition to my troops.

MG46LMG team for my grenadier squad.

Then some nize finished zombies.

The horde on all it’s shambling mighty.

Hans ze generic zombie.

Günther who is addicted to raspberry jam.

Mikael Jakobson, who likes to dance, usually wears a red leather jacket.

Knife-adolf who really likes stabbing.

Lill Tindemann.

Educational character, whose prime job is to teach new german recruits the importance of keeping yourself low when enemy starts their machine gun fire.

And last a teaser of my WiP americans.

A command squad with medic, sniper and 3 guys with BAR, 2 with garand.

12 man AI squad with 3BARs and 9 garands.

and M-100 ‘comanche’ light mecha, with .50cal HMG.

I hope you like them :hat off



Hello, I’m back.

Firstly finished the Wolfgangfaust and LMG team for ze germans.

And then some americans!

7 man command squad, Lieutenant with BAR, Staff Sergeant with BAR, Corporal with Sniper rifle, Medic, 2 privates with Garand and 1 private with BAR.

Single shots of the corporal sniper.

slightly better shot of the medic.

Then a full Ai Squad, 12 troopers, 3with BAR, 1 with packed .30cal and the rest with Garand rifles.

Shot of both of my .30cal troopers.

All my BAR soldiers, I should probably somehow differentiate my lieutenant from the rest.

Then still WiP ‘comanche’. Going to add some battle damage to him, and maybe swap the ‘vehicle close-combat arm’ to assault pod. Or add a set of boosters to make it a drop mech.

At the moment working on for americans

-8 garand troopers (2 with grenade launcher attachments added)

-2 flamethrowers

-5 troopers with Thompson SMG.

After those I have, full 7man command squad, 2x12member ai squads, 5man engineer squad with 2 flamethrowers.

Then working on adding more troops for my germans:

-9 warlord games SS-waffen troopers, 7with Kar98k and 2 with StG44, These guys are really awesome. I really love their dynamic poses.


My 2 week vacation ends tomorrow, so no idea when I get enough time away from work to complete my new projects, but stay tuned!

-Mahtipakarat :cheers