[Archive] Some Warhammer forge questions


Hail the Dawi Zharr!

It has been a while since I last visited chaos dwarfs online ( and anything other related to GW ), and the first thing I notice is this warhammer forge thing. I started to look around and finds out that it is a branch of GW, similar to Forge World, that is going to produce chaos dwarves!

I now have some questions. When will these new chaos dwarves be released? What will they cost? Do they have a website open yet? What else will Warhammer Forge be producing, and is there some vital informasion that I have missed? If you could answer these questions I would be thankful:hat off

May Hashut, the father of darkness, be with you:hat


Warhammer forge and Forge World are one and the same… different facets for Fantasy vs 40K… If you go to Forge World you should be able to navigate to Warhammer Forge… there have been a couple threads about it already… no details really… some pretty sweet pics though!


I’m not sure if they are technically the same business division, i.e. a sub part of Forge World.  I thought they were a new division the same as FW, but seperate?

They have a domain name, but no website yet.


Ok, but the release dates? Has GW said anything about that?


Some is suggested (or confirmed I forget) for Febuary 2011 (so about a month)


Mark said that they planned to get something from the WF range on sale in january. The latest FW newsletter said their next few would start to detail what will be on sale in January. So we may not have long to wait.

It may not be a CD model, but I really hope it is like we all do.


Ok, thank you for the answers:hat off