[Archive] Soooo...anyone up for trading some CD for some DoW?


It’s a bit of a long shot, i know. But i’m trying to get my hands on whatever 4th/5th edition Chaos Dwarf models i can. Including Hobgoblins.

I’ve got things i can trade: a 2000 point Dogs of War army with pikemen, Giants of Albion, Golfag’s Ogres, duellists, heavy and light cav, etc, etc. If interested, i can send you a full writeup of what i put in the list. I also have a ton of other misc. things, from almost every army. A ton of metal Slayers, TK chariots, High Elf Silverhelms, some Space Marine models and bitz.

I’ve even got a bunch of Marvel Legends figures and Build a Figures that i’m willing to trade off, if anyone is interested in those.

  If you’ve got some models you’re willing to trade, drop me a line and let’s make it happen.  Thanks!


I’ve got several hobgoblin command blisters. A few are unopened to boot. I might be interested in swapping them but it depends on what you have. You list some but we’d have go work out the particulars.

DoW are interesting so perhaps we can work out a trade.


What marine stuff do you have? I have a few spare HGs as I’ve decided to make my own!