[Archive] Sorcerer - Ingrown


This is my first CD conversion, and first conversion or paint job in 3 years so be kind(ish) with criticisms but dont hold back too much on wa you think, He’s based on Kragg The Grim with some basic conversion if you were interested.

cheers :cheers all



Very cool. I like the combination of big hat and mask, but I think the big hat needs to stand out more. As it is, and it could just be the picture, it kind of blends with the rest of the model and the face just kind of hangs there in blackness. Never the less, he is scary!

Is that DE hair?



Pretty cool stuff man! Picture quality leaves something to be desired, but on the whole it’s a great start!


Im really annoyed with the pic, might try another one tomorrow, the fire’s a tail off a oldish elven horse if thats what you ment


I was wondering if it was the hair off of a Dark Eldar, but horse tail is even more surprising. I would have never thought of that!


He looks cool, but as said - the pic could be better. I hope you succeed ind the re-try - so we can see the details.

I love the hat/mask comb.:hat Is it your own sculpt? - or is it borrowed from the old plastic warriors or …?


The hat is off the old plastic warriors the mask is an empire shield icon with the crown cut of, the rest is pretty much all my own apart from the skull, this pics abit bright but should give you an idea.

thanks for you comments, keep em coming cheers :cheers



Much better. Love the hat/mask combo.

Lord Darkash:

:open_mouth: i thought he had a wolfs tail for an arm in the first pick! clearly i didnt look close enough!

Now i realise what is actually going on…

Looks cool, like the mask, was that once an empire shield decoration? really like the paint job too!