[Archive] Sorcerer on Lammasu WIP

Ghrask Dragh:


any suggestions for the axe, I’m not entirly certain on this one.

I was going to use the staff from a goblin shaman (used to be called ‘oddgit’ think he’s just a shaman now though) but any better ideas are more than welcome!!


Wow, nice hat, very smooth!

As for the axe, try something from the chaos range, and shorten the haft. Looking awesome, can’t wait for more of your stuff!

The Flying Beaver:

Haha, as I was scrolling down I was wondering why you’d remove the hat from the sorceror lord, but then I see that no, you’ve actually made the hat bigger! I love it.


How did you get the hat that smooth?


it is a very smooth hat. almost silky smooth . .

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Well, it’s a sorceror, so Ghrask probably used dark magic to get the hat that smooth. :wink:

Ghrask Dragh:

It does look smooth doesn’t it!?

I used no sculpting tools for the basic shape, honestly, just my hands and dark magic!! :cheers


Very good indeed, I can’t wait to see the Lamassu itself

Ghrask Dragh:

OK so the sorcerer is finished (just waiting on the staff from GW direct)…

now for that Lammasu!!


that is probably the best sculpted big hat ive seen. so smooth and the details are flawless.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I fully agree. That hat looks phantastic! :hat What will that sorceror have in his second hand?


well, that hat looks great and i hate your sculptingprowess but isn’t he a bit top heavy, also try extending the haft on the axe, looks great though


Truly awesome, I actually prefer your work to the original mini - it’s better sculpted! Ghrask Dragh ltd. - Hat Makers to Astragroth, Rythark and HRH the Prince of Wales


Awesome sculpting work. Love that mask. :wink:

The Flying Beaver:

I’m not too sure about this guy. I think you should make the hat a bit bigger.

Uzkul Werit:

Bigger? Are you serious? laughs

What do you have planned for the mount?


I can’t believe how great this guy’s hat is. Nice job!


Traitor King:

OMG! Now THATS a hat!

1.5 times the size of the dwarf? Whoa, he must be the big cheese!

sweet model, the smoothness is mental.


I wonder how it stays on when he’s flying, can he only move with the wind behind him?

Ghrask Dragh:

Taking a break from Gorbad Ironclaw, one of Golden Demon entries thats taking nearly all my painting time now that I realised GDs only a couple of months away!, I made a start on the Lammasu.

Its at a very early stage as you can see…

but after this I realised that I hadn’t left enough room for the neck and the head looks kind of squashed on, so I’m going to let it dry as it is and risk chopping the whole thing off as one and bulking up the neck abit before putting it back on and continuing work! If there is a better way of doing this let me know. The face is going to be roughly based on the artwork from WD presents CD, seen on the great new thread with all the compiled CD artwork, but looking alot grumpier and using different beard and hair.

The sorcerer’s staff has also arrived and he’s ready to be painted…

I’ve decided that for now my army is going to be all 5th Ed but as I have a Bfsp set doing nothing and the awesome conversions on these sites are an inspiration I am going to some ‘7th’ Ed minis as a second army in the future.

C&C welcome as always!!