[Archive] SORRY!


One of the gods (Mods) has told me that an offensive message was left in my name on my starting out, total CD newbie Blog.

This is because my 23 going on 8 year old brother thought it would be funny. Unfortunately, he knows all the passwords I use but has promised he wont do it again. {If he does I’ll kick his ass!}.

I just want to apologise if anyone was upset or offended at the message, it shouldn’t happen again and it certainly wont come from me if it does.

Thanks to Cornixt for spotting this, and if you didn’t already have a gagillion slaves, a few more would be on their way.


No harm no foul.

On a related topic, “cornixt” is actually a cherokee word meaning “eyes of an eagle”.

Pyro Stick:

I knew it wasnt you that posted that comment. Why would you of said your own models were -insert stronger word that rubbish- ? Thanks for clearing this up.

Kera foehunter:

i have a little brother too .it ok Hammerhand


23 isn’t really “little” :rolleyes:


I’m… ahem…older. :s 29

Ghrask Dragh:

I laughed :slight_smile:

thought something was up, didn’t understand it at the time, nice to know now though.

:cheers for clearing it up


Not to worry, it seemed pretty evident that it was someone else trying to be cool.


I'm... ahem....older. :s 29

I can top that :rolleyes:


It was obvious that it wasn’t Hammerhand, looks like no one was offended


I didn’t see, but I know the feeling. I have a bunch of friends who’d pull doody like that. :confused:


Hi , thought it was perhaps a drunk mate although had just read a thread that had a deleted arguement or something so was confused,no worries:hat


No worries at all mate, its the main reason I keep all my hobby stuff locked away to avoid “funny” and/or clumsy friends and family