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Bad Gram Northern:

I’m looking for wheels for an Iron Demon conversion
So far I’ve sourced these wheels: Noble Knight Games - RPGs, D&D, MtG, Board Games, Miniatures does anyone know what size they are?

I would love to use the big wheel from the blood throne/skull cannon but I can’t find a source to buy two or more of these wheels without buying the whole kit

chaos chariot wheels are all sold out on the bits sites I know of.

SO does anyone know any other sources for chaos dwarf suitable wheels?

oh and does anyone know the size of these wheels?


It is shipped from the United States, but they appear to have reasonable shipping rates for International buyers.

I have done 3 large orders from these guys.  The bits are placed in individual baggies, named, then placed in a bubble-wrap envelope, and then boxed.

Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles & More | eBay


All of the bits start at $0.99 unless they are buyout.  If memory serves I have seen the wheels go from $0.99 - $3.00.  All of course subject to competition and random impulse.  They frequently refill their auctions, usually in 2-3 day cycles.

As to the wheels you already purchased, I know nothing.

Bad Gram Northern:

thanks! I’ll certainly keep an eye on them!

oh and those other wheels, I didn’t buy them. I just found out about them. I’m sorry if I’ve misphrased it, I’m not a native english speaker.


Your English was correct; my reading was not.

And from the non-Warhammer possibilities -

If you have access to old plastic thread spools, I think if you find some that are the right size and cut carefully, you could get some great wheels.

For example:


Size of wheels:

The Kromlech one, this is a bit speculative… but since they are 28mm scaled green-definitely-not-GW-Ork-copies I’d hazard they are sized accordingly so 3-4cm high. But that’s highly speculative. Apparently putting up your new site you take away the old leaving nothing in the meantime, effing morons.

The Baneblade “wheels” are substantially smaller, 1,5-2 cm I’d say, based on my somewhat fuzzy memory of gluing it together. They are only sprockets for the tracks. Much smaller than anything the real Irondeamon model has.