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Hey guys, just had a quick read through the upcoming Warriors of Chaos armybook at my local games workshop and ive manage to find several chaos dwarf references.

Most of the sources are in the Hellcannon entry, basically reference of the Chaos Dwarfs as artisans that bind metal and daemonic power.

The time line section references the creation of the Chaos Dwarfs as well as their presence during the creation of the Banner of the Gods (which was crafted in the soul-forges in Zharr - Naggrund).

Sorry if this has already been posted, forgot to look ><

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

good find :hat off

but banner of the gods?


Godbob: I don’t know if this is what you mean, but anyhow. The banner of the gods is a magic item for 125p that only a battle standard bearer with the mark of chaos undivided can choose, as it is devoted to all the chaos gods. Archaons personal battle standard bearer had a similar banner.

Is there new fluff on this banner?


I think so, I only just noticed the Chaos Dwarf Refererence whilst reading the Chaos timeline, forgot the date of it but it just states that the banner was created in the soul forges of Zharr Naggrund, so it could be that games workshop is trying to strengthen the image of the Chaos Dwarfs being artificers for the Chaos Hordes

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Harrrr my speartip just arrived! :cheers

OK here goes - from what I have seen so far, the Chaos Dwarfs are reference a couple of times, but the fluff offers nothing new I’m afraid…

1) Timeline

c. -4300 Dwarfs jurney across the barren uplands north of the World’s Edge mountains which they name Zorn Uzkull meaning “the great skull land”
2) Hellcannon
[…] These hell-forged beasts are guided rather than crewed by a team of corrupt and sadistic Chaos Dwarfs. The Chaos Dwarfs are the mater artificers of the Chaos armies, able to bind daemonic sentience into the tools of war. These malign warsmiths escort the Hellcannons into the fires of battle. […] The Chaos Dwarfs load their charge by brutally shovelling the bodies of their victims into the dire-furnace at the Hellcannon’s rear.
3) Artefacts
Chaos runeshield: This shield was created by bitter Chaos Dwarf forgemasters as a defence against the runeweapons of the sons of Grungni.

Banner of the Gods: Forged in the red-lit depths of Zharr Naggrund, the Banner of the Gods induces dread in the enemy and unshakeable courage in the servants of Chaos.

Thommy H:

Hey, not bad though.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Good to see. Can’t wait for the book to be out separately… Although I’m worried too :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice, every bit of mention is great!


I thought the most interesting part was that Hashut is specifically referred to as a God, not just as some jumped up Daemon Prince or somesuch.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Godbob: I don't know if this is what you mean, but anyhow. The banner of the gods is a magic item for 125p that only a battle standard bearer with the mark of chaos undivided can choose, as it is devoted to all the chaos gods. Archaons personal battle standard bearer had a similar banner.


i thought it was that as in the SoC there was a modal for the banner bearer

Hashut’s Blessing:

Godbob, it used to make all non-daemonic units within 12" Stubborn. Not sure about now, but it was in the old book, not SoC. Although, they did convert a model to represent the Swords of Chaos Banner Bearer, which I’ve just realised is what you meant. wallacer, was that mentioned in this thread because, if so, I am ashamed for missing it, but it’s EXCELLENT news!


gooooood…goooooood rubs hands together

Ishkur Cinderhat:

The model bearing the Banner of The Gods causes Terror now. All models within 6" of it become stubborn.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ishkur, even better :smiley: Is it still 125points? (I’m sure I saw it was if I could be bothered to scroll up.) Although, i still find that with Chaos, being Stubborn isn;t all that as you should be winning CC and if not, shouldn;t be losing by much and they have a fairly high leadership…

Just personal experience…


I wish I didn’t have to drive an hour to a store where they have the book previewed… :mad I wish they’d at least release the book close to the spearhead.

I want the book so bad… just to read for fluff and stuff… plus the inevitable toying with army lists!


Lots of little mentions of Chaos Dwarfs and Hashut, and some strong suggestions. I’ll have to go through and pick them out as I read it.


Page 46,  I just noticed.  Very striking!

Like, HOLY CR*P. O_O

It basically says that Chaos Dwarfs “Daemonsmiths” are the ones responsible for creating the “majority” suits of Chaos Armour by binding “a tiny portion of chaos itself” into each weapon or suit of armour. We trade them for Gold, Slaves, and other odd things. It is said we once even bartered for a “pickled Bloodletter’s head”.

This stuff is insane, and exciting!

Page 48 also confirms that Chaos Knights wear armour forged by a “master daemonsmith” which is even quoted on the Advance Orders for Chaos Knights: http://ca.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.ca?do=Individual&code=99120201011&orignav=300810

Ishkur Cinderhat:

@HB: yes it’s still 125 points. Mind that almost all units in the army book have the “Will of Chaos” special rule, allowing them to re-roll any failed panic tests. I think these guys will be hard to break (which I think is a good thing :D).

@Xander - yes and there is more! If you look at the Ogre entry, it sais "Some Ogres even go to battle clad in gigantic suits of Chaos armour, forged by their Chaos Dwarf allies specifically to fit the Ogres’ overly muscled frames. A heavily armoured Ogre berserker is a terrifying foe indeed; a whole unit of them is a nigh unstoppable force."

As an additional CD-related tidbit, I also spotted the site of a famous battle on the map of the Northern Lands, called “The Trails of Hashut”. :hashut

Thommy H:

Damn, that's such a better name than "Daemon Binder". How come I never thought of that?

Good stuff though. I really want to make rules for an Enchanted Item called "Pickled Bloodletter's Head".


Oo Holy cr*p! Gotta buy the book!

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