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Well, since I mentioned it in my introduction I had better outline a bit more what SouthCon actually is.
First of all, a brief geography lesson. New Zealand is made up of two islands (of any consequence), the largest, nicest and cleanest of which is the south Island, pictured below:

I live in Christchurch (the yellow blob in the middle), SouthCon is a convention held in Dunedin, which is the second largest yellow blob just south of Christchurch (follow the coast).

It is held every year, along with Warclouds (which is the convention held in Christchurch). Together they make up the 2 main tournaments in the south island, unless one of us happens to be holding nationals.

Piccies of the Tomb Kings army I used in the last SouthCon can be seen here (and some pictures of my VC army):

general photos of SouthCon can be seen here:


Oh, yes I recognise your TK army. Amazing job on them (especially the bone elephants!) there were a number of good fantasy armies there.

I got roped into playing 40k there last year, as a kid needed a partner for the 40k doubles. Considering that it wasn’t my regular list, I’dnotplayed for nearly a year and I’d never met the guy before, I think it went OK for us (even if we didn’t get a placing)!

I remember there was one CD army there. Do you know who it belonged to?

I won’t be there this year though, as I’ve moved back to Hamilton (for non-NZers reading this, it’s in the North Island, the more populated of the two.)


Wow, awesome stuff! Reaper really has some awesome Tomb Kingsy stuff, I have their catalog, and their stuff looks great. Thanks for sharing!

Father Grumpmas:

I remember there was one CD army there. Do you know who it belonged to?

That was me!

I won’t be at Southcon 2007 as I will be in Samoa sunning myself when it is on.

As a plug for South Island conventions, there is also Conquest in October 2007, which is as large as Warclouds or Southcon, although Southcon last gear had a great WFB turnout.



Haha! Nice one Father G! Way to represent. :wink: