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TRANSMISSION BEGINS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++SPACE DWARFS LIVE !!!

Just to prove the tyranids didnt eat all of them.

Space Dwarfs Online has just opened, At the momment I am running it on a free PHB forum. I hope to help make it the best knowledge base for space dwarfs squats chaos dwarfs and the ilk.

Hopefully it will grow with blogs, rule development, Painting ideas, Conversions from games workshop and mantic figures. With the drive to make it as good a comunity as I possibly can.

If you cant find them then maybe you can design the space dwarfs, Demiurg, Squats or Chaos Squats again.

Space dwarfs online - The home of Squats and Chaos Squats Demiurg and other related short races in the grim darkness of the future.

TRANSMISSION ENDS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Image curtosy of Inkpwn from space dwarfs online


Joined, im getting my first squats in april and look forward to showing them off online :slight_smile:


Image curtosy of Inkpwn from space dwarfs online


Im blushing now :slight_smile: though the top one wasnt me.


You should do a fanzine called the White Squat!

Personally I’d be more interested in chaos squats. Doing a unit of those in terminator armour has been on my list of things to do for many years. It’s so far down the list though I’ll probably never get around to it.


I do love the idea, i have loads of chaos warrior bitz banging about from bitz buys made from job lots for stuff i’ve tried to make my CD’s.

I might well join the site soon, but i’ve not played W40K in around 14 years, so I fear I maybe a touch out of touch.


Touch out of touch never Nitro ! we havent had a army list since the 1980’s :wink: Come on Grim you will be great at chaos squats thats the way ill probably go first :wink: you will be fine :D. I do think however White Squats whats ‘‘normally’’ in the copies of white dwarf of late so who knows ;).


Ha white squats, I’m going to have to write that down…maybe on another poster.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

“White Squats” are better than the brown ones! - couldn’t resist!


The forum looks great to. We just need some more members so we can get more blogs to show off :stuck_out_tongue:

Blue in VT:

I just signed up too…and I don’t even have any squats yet…still hoping to get some in the near future.

I for one love the Chaos squats as well…

Seems like a great little forum…thanks for getting it going.



I’d be tempted to use some WFB dwarves, spikes and some guns, convert all the way (But I will get on with my CD’s first!)


Got my first few squats and more are underway. I’m also following some on ebay.

Da Crusha:

Great Idea Thorne! Im going to join right away and then post a few pics of my squats.

Edit* I just clicked the link. WHOA! love the color looks great.


Im glad you approve Da Crusha, For such a young but growing comunity I think we have a great start.


this is a great idea, i have some squats at home. Some infantry, some bikers, even an exoarmoured trike. With a forum i might get around to finish painting some of them.


Does anyone think that the mantic dwarves could form a nice basis to start from?

I’m thinking conversions ontop for sure, but do you think they will ‘feel right?’


Sounds like a good idea - even though I don’t pay much attention to 40K, anymore - still have tons of Grymn laying around - and still want to paint them. Will give it a good read tonight - and probably sign up, too.


I did these Chaos Squats when I did the ‘going mantic’-thing.

Never finished painting them, though - so picture are rather dark. CSM arms and torsos - rest is Mantic.

I actually like their look - and might consider doing a small army of them. We’ll see :wink:


N!TRO I am sure that mantic dwarves would make awesome squats but are you not all mantic ticed out ? Infact if I were to make a small army of traditional sqauts I would be (and probably will do) use the mantic ones. Yep come join us Vash N!TRO and Clam.


I will do, I have loads of spare mantic models, bought a few to many :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Clam, cool that pretty close to my plans! - minus the mutations probably.