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Golder Goldeater:

WOW! These chaos dwarfs are awesome. And the molding product you have created turned out pretty nice. Well done :cheers !!!

What did ye use for the copy? resin? Can you post a link

(where can I order it atc)


Hi all, I was surprised to see so many post when I woke up this morning.

Let me see if I can answer some of them.

How does one go about molding? I don’t want to hijack your blog, but I’m curious as I came into Chaos Dwarfs without having to do a thing besides a little painting.
Well Khaosbeardling, I envy you for only needing to do a little painting. I pretty much have to convert or make everything from the stuff at hand. Luckily Japan does have GW, so a box of warriors later I was set and ready to go. Xander has already kindly posted the link to his most excellent moulding tutorial. Everything I’ve done here was inspired by that. The only thing I can say is give it a try.
What mold injection technique are you using?
Cheers for poping in Xander, It’s a mystical technique that came to me after many hours of meditation (drinking at a bar), after I couldn’t find a syringe. I thought why not try a squeezy mustard bottle.

The thing I’ve found is that you can mix inside the bottle, which cuts down on moving the resin from a to b, also the bottles nozzle (spell?) is designed so you can cut it to the desired shape and hole size. Plus it’s squeezy… so really easy to clean and re-use! Yay
What did ye use for the copy? resin?
Resin, and silicone to make the mould. I’ll post a link if I can find an International site that sells it. Although I just bought what was available, with a little shopping around you could probably find better stuff.

Here are some pic’s of the materials and the final cast.

This kind of stuff is really easy to get here because of all the erotic manga dolls alot of people like making.

This is what my current mould is producing, two leg sections a head section, a BB arm, and an axe that I’m going to use as the base to add some more detail to. There is a smoothed dwarf shield and a pouch with ammo on the sprue as well.

Again thanks for everyones kind responces, I look forward to getting more stuff up on here soon.



wow impressive stuff, makes me want to dip my toes into resin casting, very cool.


Pretty incredible. Keep it up!


Very cool sprue, can’t wait to see more!!


Fantastic work. Couple of questions for you… Where you do pour the resin into? Which end of the mold is the top end? Would you mind posting more pictures of the actual molds themselves?

Da Crusha:

very cool castings I can already tell you are going to have a really beautiful force. keep up the good work.


Hi all,

Here’s a quick sneak peak at the test molding of my second chaos dwarf. He’s sporting the hand weapon and shield option. There is also a double handed axe option as well.

Again this particular cast was a failure and will not be painted but I just wanted to put one of the models together to get a feel for how it looked.

I do realise that this cast is full of holes and artifacts from the mold. I just wanted run this one by you guys to see what you all thought.

Where you do pour the resin into?  Which end of the mold is the top end?  Would you mind posting more pictures of the actual molds themselves?
If you look at the sprue picture the resin is injected down the the axe handle in the centre of the mold. The top is the bottom of the sprue (the large flat bit at the bottom which is caused by the overflow). I’ll try and get some mold pic’s up on here soon. Again I highly recommend looking at Xanders molding resin casting guide which was linked to earlier on this thread.

Thanks for all you kind feedback so far, sorry about the slow pace. I hope I can get things moving more quickly soon.



this is the first time u used greenstuff besides filling?!



Wow, cant say much more that that but if this is the first time you try all this that is very inspiring… keep the pictures coming (:


Very cool work done on these guys… more so with all the work that you did on the models prior to casting them up… even with the airbubbles I think they will paint up nicely though… love the curved sword though… any advice on how you made that?


This is cool! I would skulpt more details on the hat but thats up to you.



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Very cool work done on these guys.. more so with all the work that you did on the models prior to casting them up.. even with the airbubbles I think they will paint up nicely though.. love the curved sword though.. any advice on how you made that?

Thanks Grisnik, the air bubbles are far less when I do the casting process properly. The curved sword was made just using plastic. I actually used two skaven swords which I then cut and glued together. I then filed them into the new shape. The handle and hand were sculpted.
I would skulpt more details on the hat but thats up to you.

When I started I wasn't sure how well I'd be able to sculpt things like detail. So I was quite conservative with my designs and took the simple route (still hard enough if you ask me). I might try some more elaborate stuff later when I get more confident.

Thanks for the comments everyone.



Well since these were just tests I can see a very large and great looking army coming from you in no time… the test pieces are great, the armor that you have made for them looks great… love the shield design also…

Since you made them semi multi posable they will be bale to look different but coherant with a lot of castings… very awesome…

Wondering if you will go the same route for greenskins if you plan on having any? And if so how you will tackle them… watching with interest now :smiley:


i think your doing a really good job mate, like seeing people casting their own stuff, very inspiring! keep it up :hat off


Well Ladies and Gents, a quick update.

I’ve been sick as a dog for the past month which somewhat put a halt to my army. Here’s what I have made up so far. Not a lot I know, but something is better than nothing, and Ireally need to keep myself motivated.

On another note, there are three more head variants to come in the next few days. So Expect another update soon.

Cheers for your time, Jon


they are awesome! really characterful, like the hat/nose piece hybrid.


Who needs Forge World when you have Sparrow? My goodness, great stuff here! I can’t believe you just started sculpting…

Your casted stuff looks gorgeous, the quality of your Japanese stuff seems to be top notch. I wonder if I can get some from my Japanese friends… mmmmmmh :wink:


Nitro and Bassman, Thanks for the kind comments.

Here’s the 3 new head options up for review. They might get a bit more done to the helmets but they’re almost ready to go.

It seems like changing avatars is the rage at the moment so here’s mine.

It was just drawn up for me to play with colours for my army.

Thanks again for any and all comments,