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Since every other chaos god has a spawn, i thought that Hashut (the greatest one :)) should get a spawn too, i know that dwarfs are resistant to mutation, but it would look so cool!

SPAWN OF HASHUT (FLAMEBEAST)---------------- 90pts

(I need to think of some fluff, any ideas?)

M�� Ws Bs S T A��W I Ld

2D6 3�� 0��5 5 D6 3 2��7

Special Rules - Other rules for spawn , Magma Skin

Magma Skin - The Flamebeast’s skin is like hardened magma, constantly cracking to reveal the searing heat within. The ground smokes at its feet and weapons melt on contact.

Has a 5+ scaly skin save and is immune to and has fire attacks. In addition all models in base contact (including friendly ones) take a s2 flaming hit

Any good?


sounds good, but spawn have d6 attacks, mind if i borrow this for the army book project?

maybe drop the flaming hit or raise the cost, since spawn are unbrekable


That pic looks cool. Mostly stone with some lava/fire creeping through his skin. Looks very cool.

Although their isn’t really any mention of spawn-like creatures in Chaos Dwarf fluff, it’s a cool idea to think that as some Sorcerers turn to stone, they are given rare mutations that still make them very powerful.



Yes of corse you can use the idea, im glad it can be some use! I think you should raise the point cost, i dont know how much a spawn costed so i guessed, and added points on


I did the pic wholy on photoshop, it came out quite well!

I did get the original idea of sorcerers, when they are about to turn to stone, invite a daemon into thier body to give them longer life. Although the daemon stops the effect of the curse from taking the sorcerers life, it mutates him and destroys his mind, turning him into a raging monster who is constantly tortured by the flames within


It looks like a baby Balrog with a beard! I don’t see why it needs to be a spawn, we don’t even have proper mutations. Skaven don’t even have spawn and they have a ton of mutants.


who says it need to be a sorcerer

lets think how a chaos dwarf would punit trechary, kill the perpatrator, no thats far to nice, summon a deamon inside it’s body, so the mind knows whats happening but can’t do anything about it

that may just be the answer to the chaos dwarf monster problem

also, spawn are 60 pts, 75 when marked



�������� Thats a better idea, its better for the ‘mutation’ to be a punishment rather than a mistake. Maybe it could be Hashut doing it directly?

If the rules dea is okay with you guys i mite convert on from the new spawn models coming out, would they come out before or after games day?


Yes skaven do have a spawn, a rat spawn! Its in the Lustria bubonic court army list. There so much stronger than chaos spawn, but i have destroyed a few in my time, 6 kroxigor can stop almost any creature, gribbly or not!


Better with the spikes or without?

The Slaver:

Id have to say with. Looks a lot more chaosy and evil. Plus the more mutated, the better!


spikes rock out loud, looks awesome and now i must right up rules for these monsers inspired by warplockmonkeys


Chaos Dwarfs are all about obsidian, right? maybe a similar spawn creature could be an obsidian construct. I love the idea of a spawn of hashut…gonna have to get alot of greenstuff to make one :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not sure that Chaos Dwarfs would become spawn, but it seems perfectly feasible that they might capture some of the ones normally used by Chaos armies, or perhaps even that some of their slaves might become spawn (or be deliberately warped into them).


His Ld should really be 10 if he’s unbreakable.

Great art work btw.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I recall the T being 4 or the S being 4 and the attacks are D6+1. I, personally, don’t feel like Hashut is a Chaos God (but, that is not the issue at hand, so don’t comment on that), however, I think it DOES look cool. The idea of it being a punishment and that they are FORCED to fight for the armies of the Dawi Zharr/used to keep the furnaces constantly aflame is quite good. However, I feel like we are trying to copy existing things and turn them into something unique, as well as trying to create lots of unnecessary new units. Kudos on the idea and picture though.


back to the idea that this could be a punishment… I thought it would be especially cruel for the punishee in question to be forced to create the spawn himself under the direct supervision of a higher authority. The lawbreaker would constantly know his fate right up until he is fused with the spawn, always knowing that there will be no freedom…even in the thick of battle, the lawbreaker’s mind can only watch through the eyes of his own creation and hope for the only escape: death.

Seems very chaos-dwarfy to me. I Think that the idea of it being a spawn should be scrapped and you should go along the line of it being a golem powered by a lawbreaker’s soul. To a dwarf, its gotta feel kind of like digging your own grave, except more sadistic.


Chaos spawn has T5, S4 and attacks D6+1.