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Hard to tell since my camera has limited super macro function it’s hard to tell, but i did the eyes in a complex gem kind of way:

And i’m working on doing some NMM and SENMM on sigvald:

The outside of his shield will be NMM and the inside of the slaanesh symbol will be SENMM to make it look especially reflective.

And (hopefully) a few better pics of the dragons heads:

Border Reiver:

Still blown away by the dragon.

Now, not to seem ignorant, but what is SENMM?


Sky-Earth Non Metallic Metal.

S’all right guy, i was thinking afterwards that i might want to post in what each acronym means, in case people don’t know.

here a link


Excellent work Spawn that dragon looks amazing first time i have seen the 2 heads done with the plastic high elf one really looks good looking forward to seeing it painted :slight_smile:


i just need to finish GSi’n the riders legs and i think the beast is ready to be primed…

oh wait… i forgot the tails >.<

After i bulk out the tails where i bent them, i shall prime the beast. that sounds a li’l bit better.

Should be an update either late tonight or sometime tommorrow.


Kera foehunter:

i like you mico setting that does bring up small part well!!

the dragon is so cool


That dragon definately gives me incentive not to fork out to forgeworld. The details and texture you put into that split head are awesome. You have really captured a chaos look and totally transformed the HE Dragon into a truely unique peice.

Looking forward to the updates, chaos dwarfs and hordes alike