[Archive] Spec Character: High Priest Shazak


I’ll be participating in a campaign where we are meant to make a powerful special character (and I mean POWERFUL) to take on threats like random dragons that attack your home city. This is what I decided to come up with.  

Does this seem balanced to you?

High Priest Shazzak 470pts


Thommy H:

He actually seems horrendously overpriced! His ability to resurrect is actually not that much more powerful than the Carstein Ring, which costs 75 points. Call it 100 points, maybe? So you’re actually only talking about 335 points or something for this guy. Also, he needs a Taurus or Palanquin to ride around on or he’s stuck with Movement 0.

For the brief you’re describing, I think you need to think bigger.


Yeah, he seems fairly tame imo. Is the brief to create a Teclis/Thorek-level special character then?

Do something crazy :slight_smile: How about:

A Sorcerer Lord riding a specialised Daemonic Engine/Throne that boosts his magic.

A Golem containing the bound spirit of a long dead Sorcerer Lord.

A mega Slave Lord who grants indirect bonuses (more resources/taking captives when you win battles, etc).

Instead of a character, a gigantic Daemonic Engine capable of shooting down dragons and levelling cities. Just don’t misfire :slight_smile:


its say it to fair!

knock about 100pts off it.

love the concept!


Ha I knew it!

A friend of mine thought it was WACC.

Originally I did price it at about 100pts.

I plan on moving him with steed of shadows and he has decent movement when he dies.

Now that I look at it he does seem rather tame, ill have to re-do him. Bu its good to have the points for that rule down at least!

How about this,

same as above only with a 4+ scally skin instead of the 5+, 150pts of gear and can have multiple items from the same Magic Item section (but not multiples of an item)

and this special rule in adition to the above

Shadow Animus: Shazzak gorges his shadow form on the winds of magic, striking out with hundreds of shadowy tendrills, enveloping his foes in a sea of shadowy doom.

Any unused power or dispell dice at the end of the magic phase may be carried over into additional attacks in the combat phase, in addition powerstones can be used to generate attacks in a turn of combat.

My guess is thats another 100/150pts right there. perhapse even give him loremaster as well.


I think that he works well , sounds like a good special character to me :slight_smile: