[Archive] Special CD Character Gazrahk!

Creepy Dwarf:

Ok after sitting around being bored for quite some time i have decided to create a Chaos Dwarf Special character -

Gazrahk the Cruel, Slavelord of Kazark Nargh - 335

Gazrahk may be taken in a Chaos Dwarf Army as a LORD choice.


3�� 7�� 4��5��5��4 3 4 10

Weapons: Hand Weapon + Enslaver

Armour: Armour of Gazrahk

Talismans: Crown of Dominion

Special Rules: Slavelord


Grants the bearer +1 strength and in addition any model wishing to attck Gazrahk are at -1 strength

Armour of Gazrahk

Provides a 1+ armour save that cannot be improved by any means

Crown of Dominion

Provides a 5+ Ward, in addition any Orc, Goblin, Hobgoblin or Chaos Dwarf Unit may re-roll any psychology test or suffer an additional -1 penalty to any fleeing movement they make.


Any army including Gazrahk may take up to TWO black orc units. also any enemy unit/model in base contact with Gazrahk suffers -1 leadership. (bumped up the price for this rule)

Any good? Underpriced?

Thommy H:

Seems slightly overpriced to me. Basing the cost of +1 Wound on the Mark of Nurgle, the Enslaver on the cost of the Sword of Might and the Slavelord special rule on the cost of BSB doubled (seems about right - it has no range, right?) then I get about 305 pts overall.

I kind of feel like the Enslaver’s rule is kind of boring, btw. You might as well put the +1 Strength on his profile as have it be part of the magic item. Perhaps it could cause enemy models in base contact to lose an Attack or something instead? Or makes them lose a point of Strength while fighting him?

Creepy Dwarf:

yeah i meant it as a kind of whip . . .


looks good creepy, though as said a bit over priced. i like the crown of dominion rule though. haha, you slaves are as slow as as now:)


Perhaps the slavelord power could make Blorcs a core choice instead? Seeing as they aren’t that good anyway :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

The other thing I would say about this special character is that it feels kind of generic. You need a story for this guy - something that makes him interesting. At the moment he’s just “awesome Chaos Dwarf Lord”.

You have the ‘Slavelord’ thing going on, with that theme carried through to his weapon, but how does that fit with his armour? Obviously the character concept comes from the magic item in the first place, but were is the ‘slavery’ element coming from, besides Chaos Dwarf fluff in general?

If I was going to design a “Gazrahk” character, I’d look at some sort of reason for him giving his name to this armour. Did he wear it or build it? Why does it give the 1+ armour save anyway? Maybe it contains the bound essence of a daemon? Maybe he was the first Sorcerer to perfect daemon binding?

When you make a special character, it’s not really enough to just make him ‘better’ - the whole point of special characters is to reveal some otherwise unknown element of the backstory and add layers to the army without just having pages and pages of ‘word of god’ background text.