[Archive] Special Characters... well sort of


Here is a fun mini contest: Create your own Special Character using members of the site! Give a full line of of M, WS, BS etc equipment, special rules, etc…


Member’s Name
X X   X   X X  X X X X
Equipment: What do they use and point cost, mounts/
Special Rules: what are their special rules? Hates bad spelling, frenzies at the site of hats on a d6, you name it
Point cost: How much does this (bad boy or girl) cost does he take up additional Hero or Lord slots
What Armies may utilize: get creative here, it can be any army that you think up if need be.

Get creative. Remember sometimes direct and to the point of ones persona is better then long winded descriptions.

Ideally this should reflect the person’s online persona; Staff is fair game as well. There is only one rule, I don’t want to see anyone being overly mean to a fellow member, its simply to have fun with so keep the CDO mission statement in mind when typing.

Perhaps if we get a number of good entries we will have a poll or perhaps feature them in a future issue of Word of Hashut


I couldn’t pass this up…

Cryonicleech: Insane son of the Gods


5 1 1 1 1 1 1 3

Equipment: Mount: Stick Horsey of Death(stats of a normal horse with M5) hand weapon

Special Rules:



Immune to All Psychology

The INSANE son: As the chaos gods blessed their champions, They played a practical joke on one of their undivided champions. Cryonicleech gets 3 bound spells, which are shown below

Thoughts of Insanity:

Power level 5

Cryonicleech telepathically connects with an enemy unit or hero, unleashing his horrible thoughts of ham, kittens, the color green, cheese, etc.

Every model in the unit must take a leadership test. For those that fail, they take a wound with no armor saves as the leech’s thoughts warp their minds into insanity

The Hunger

Power Level 6

Cryonicleech, who grows hungry for the souls of little kittens, rushes forward, screaming some gibberish

Cryonicleech adds 3d6 to his movement, but must take both a leadership AND intiative test next turn to perform ANY action.

Portal to Insanity

Power Level 10

Can only be cast in close combat

Unable to control the corny jokes within him, Cryonicleech unleashes all of his power opening a portal into pure insanity, which causes spontaneous combustion

Remove Cryonicleech from the field for this turn and your next turn. Also remove the unit he is within contact with. You don’t want to know what happens otherwise…

Point cost:1,001

Armies: Daemons of Chaos and Beasts of Chaos (he doesn’t like to hang out with mortals anymore)


You asked for it :slight_smile:

               M   WS   BS   S   T   W   I   A   Ld

Willmark   3     7     5    4    5   3   4   4   10

Weapons: Light Sabre (Crimson): ignores armour saves and confers the Killing Blow ability.

Special Rules:

Don’t make me destroy you…: Any unit led by Willmark may re-roll failed psychology tests. In addition, they will submit all their articles for the Word of Hashut on time, without fail.

Dark Lord of CDO: Willmark has traversed the stars eradicating countless rebel factions who say things like, ‘Chaos Dwarfs? Who are they?’. He is Immune to Psychology and causes Fear in the armies of anyone who didn’t know about Chaos Dwarfs, anyone who doesn’t like Chaos Dwarfs and anyone who thinks doing Warhammer Armies: Ogre Kingdoms instead of Chaos Dwarfs was a good idea.

Power of the Dark Side:

Once per turn Willmark may use the force to influence the battle, using one of the powers listed below. Additionally, whenever an enemy unit fails a fear, terror or panic test, or whenever troops subject to frenzy or hatred are engaged in combat within 24", Willmark may use this influx of dark side emotions to use an additional power in his next turn.

Death Grip: Willmark strangulates an enemy from afar. Target one model within LoS, even if they are within a unit. The model must pass a Toughness test or suffer a wound with no saves of any kind allowed. This power is generally reserved for those who miss their deadlines for the Word of Hashut Webzine, delivered with the immortal words, ‘Apology accepted, (insert name)’ as their lifeless corpse slumps to the deck.

Telekinesis: Willmark hurls his foes to the ground with a mere gesture. One enemy unit within 12" is either pushed D6" directly away from Willmark, sustaining D6S5 hits, or is pulled into base contact with him. Alternatively he may choose to use this ability on himself, giving him a 12" flight move in his Movement phase.

Storm Troopers: Willmark may be accompanied by a cadre of his finest warriors. Regardless of what unit is chosen for this role, they will inexplicably suffer a -2 penalty to their rolls to hit with missile weapons.

Kera foehunter:



black boots for styling * luck shoe * be able to kick them off to run faster

invisable cape( that she forgot where she put it) and  a rum mug with no bottom * so she can win drinking contest*


frenzies - when a pair of new shoes are put on sale

will kill even her mother if she get in the way

check book: full of checks  



Can walk down any steet and turn into a bar


She has the abilty to wrap xander a round her little finger (at will )

also has the abilty to log on as xander   so you don’t know who your talking too !!!


Ws- 4

bs - 3

s-  3

t- 3


a-1 unless frenzie  then get a extra attack

Also another attack with lucky shoes if one get in the way * note lucky shoes does +2 damage if hit by them a - 1 on the attack

L- 10


a arm or a leg  unless your buying captin morgan rum !! then you can get ride of her * note**see if she uses the bottom less rum mug

Army that would use her

WOOD ELVES  - she enjoy hanging out with them and try to take over

to make there outfitts look more like trees!!

PIRATES _ This is the only bunch that could  out drink her and out cuss her

pluss Sojourn give out out dated out fitts to them!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ll have a think and (if I remember) do some tomorrow :wink: Hoping to get some for me, but might be best to see them after the competition for the a profile for the model of me :wink:

Captain Crayon:

I thought I’d do me :stuck_out_tongue:

Captain Crayon (Hero)

M Ws Bs S T W I A Ld

3 4 4 4 5 2 2 2 8

Points cost - 135

A mysterious cranky short fat fellow, obsessed with old rusty things most frequently seen wearing a big hat. possibly of dwarfish descent, though his distinct inability to grow any sort of facial hair makes that fact somewhat debateable.

Rides to battle in a rusty old Jalopy, that despite all mechanical and scientific reason somehow manages to function somewhat consistantly.


Heavy Armour


Hand Weapon

Big Hat

Special Rules:-

Big Hat:- This Mysterious big hat of particularly big mysterious origins has especially unpredictable mysterious effects… Roll on the following table before the battle to determine it’s effects…

1 - +1 Str

2 - +1 Saving throw

3 - +1 Attack

4 - +1 Strength

5 - +1 Leadership

6 - +1 to hit

Short Fat Fellow - Confers a +1 Toughness bonus, already taken into account in his profile

Jalopy:- This 4 wheeled, self propelled rust bucket (possibly of chaos dwarf origin?) seems to run purely on the misguided faith of its somewhat rotund operator. Counts as a chariot in all respects except it moves D3 + 5 inches per turn, and seeing as it has no animals pulling it, all hits are on the Jalopy itself.


You asked for it :)

Indeed consider me skewered!

I always wondered why my "elite troops" got their asses handed to them by a bunch of teddy bears on Endor.


Hashut's Blessing
Stat line:
M  WS  BS   S   T    W    I   A   Ld
3   3     3    3   1*   1*   0*  1*    4*

* due to recent tribulations in the Real World

Equipment: Rickety old computer running Windows Me, Perpetually strapped student wallet, Mug of ever flowing alcoholic spirits.
Special Rules:

Hates bad grammar
When he encounters bad grammar he rolls a d6: 1-2 He launches into a rant on the Queen's English, 3-4 his tumultuous love life, 5-6 rails against "the man" for keeping him down in terms of slaves. Note none of these have anything to do with his dislike of bad grammar. When this occurs the unit he is accompanying (if any) becomes Subject to Stupidity for 3d6 turns, that right they make trolls look smart while under this effect.

Scruffy beard
Due to not shaving since he was 9, Hashut's Blessing has what some kindly call a "beard". Since it is rather patchy all true chaos dwarfs become Subject to Abject Laughter for d6 turns.

Alas Poor Yorick Mode
Due to recent real-life events HB has slipped into a melancholy of infinite sadness proportions. One that makes a certain mopey Prince from Denmark look brighter then Princess Peach's avatar.

Consumer of Cake
HB cannot resists a good cake, in fact he must make a LD test every time he is within 3d6 inches of one; if he fails he will gorge himself silly for d6 hours during which time he is rendered non-functional.

Point cost: 15; that's being generous, the other side usually offers for the controlling player to take an extra lord, hero and sorcerer to compensate.

What Armies may utilize:
Any. Hashut's Blessing claims no allegiance but many have their doubts, should he be taken by a "good" army then all friendly units in 12" suffer a is -2 to the Ld.



… wow will… im speechless… talk about kicking a man down a well when he is down.


HB and I got a laugh out of it, he and I were IMing back and forth as I posted it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Fortunately, I’ve not eaten properly for about a week (by which I mean three meals equivalent) and had a bit to drink, so the bits I would’ve been a little shocked by were glossed over :wink: besides, I kknow he doesn;t mean it malignantly. Still, I gotta get around to making my revenge. To the Dark side I must turn, destroy him, I shall :wink:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

HB…you’re a Chaos Dwarf. How much MORE of a dark side do you want? :smiley:

Hashut’s Blessing:

You won’t like me when I’m angry.

I steal cake when I’m angry. YOUR cake!

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I think I’ll have a try with none other then our leader Mr Xander himself.

Xander the master of CDO…***pts (i’m not good with points)

3 7 4 4 5 3 4 4 10

Equipment:The hammer of CDO,The hat of CDO,The armour of CDO,The sheild of CDO.

Special Rules:

The mater of CDO.
As the Admin of CDO all CDO members get 1+ to there LD.

The council of Mods.
If a CDO Mods or Admin is within 12" of Xander he gains an extra attack.

The hiden admin.
Xander may be concealed within a CD unit and must move along with the chosen unit.If the unit flees Xander has been revealed if you want to reveal him place him in the front rank removing a rank & file model.

The one who rarely speaks.
As with most admins Xander rarely speaks,only watches.Xander causes fear.

As an admin Xander may choose a character before the battle.That character is removed before deployment.

As an Mod he may report anyone he wants.At the start of the game Xander must choose an enemy character,any wounds Xander makes against that chosen character is doubled.

The hammer of CDO.
This gives Xander 1+ S.

The hat of CDO.
Any CD unit within 18" may use Xanders LD.He is also Stubborn

The armour of CDO.
This give Xander a 1+ AS which can be improved.

Sheild of CDO.
This gives Xander a 4+ ward save.

Well there you go :slight_smile:

(Hope I don’t get banned for this :P)

Ghrask Dragh:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nice work 'bob, I like this thread!

Now I’m thinking of Xander as a sort of all seeing eye, peering out from the top of his tower like some kind of overlord (I’m sure I’ve seen something like that before just can’t think where? Ahh thats it… Star Wars!!)


Kera foehunter

Stat line:

  M    WS  BS   S     T     W    I    A   Ld

4(3*)  4    3    4   4(5*)   2    3    3  10

Equipment: Mug o Rum, Sea biscuits, limes, cutlass, appropriate pirate gear… white bloussy shirt and brown leggings…

Special Rules:

Mug O Rum

As all Pirates need rum, this gives +1 T to kera (included in profile*) As long as the Rum is flowing, Kera gets +1 Attack. Unfortunately this also impares her movement and reduces it by one. AT the beginning of Kera’s turn, roll a D6, on a 1 the mug runs out.

No beard

Don’t even ask… A lass with a beard is just wrong.

SEa Biscuits

Biscuits keep Kera healthy. As long as she has Biscuits, her initiative is increased by 1. At the beginning of Kera’s turn roll a D6, on a 1 the biscuits run out.


No pirate wants the scurvy. These limes keep scurvy and magic away. As long as Kera has limes she has Magic Resistance 3. Each time a spell is resisted, roll a D6, on a 1-3 the limes run out.

ARrrggghh Ima Pirate: Kera is a charming lass and keeps the lads in awe. At the beginning of the game, Kera picks a character from the opposing army and challenges him to parley. Having Parley with Kera does two things:

one; their leadership is lowered by 1 for the remainder of the game, how dare a girl challenge me…

two; and wounds done to the character, after saves are made, are doubled, but, you’re just a girl, you can’t be that good.

(edit: I forgot on important special rule…)

If any of her special items should run out, Kera throws a temper tantrum. If she is in a unit, she causes that unit to act as if they were under the throws of animosity… (use the animosity rules from O&G book)… During this time, Kera causes fear in an 18 inch radius. This tantrum lasts for the rest of the turn in which the item runs out… With multiple items that could run out, this could cause more tantrums… IE: if both the limes and the biscuits should run out, kera will cause terror for the remainder of that turn. If for some odd reason all of the items run out, Kera becomes stubborn and refuses to move… she and any unit she belongs to, will do nothing for that turn while Kera sulks over her losses…

Point cost: 76

What Armies can Kera join:

Only armies that can handle the likes of Kera. She’ll join any army, but will directly shape them into a pirating army that is worthy of a swashbuckling Pirate lass.


Okay…this could be interesting

Member’s Name - WarplockMonkey (hero)



4  5   -1  5 4  2 3 3 8

Equipment: 2X4 with rusty nail in it (counts as hand weapon)

Special Rules:

Poor Aim: After many uneventful years of P.E lessons, Warplock has come to terms that he has the worst aim of any living person… EVER. Therefore any unit he joins actually realise how much better they are at hitting targets than he is. +1 to any ‘to hit’ rolls in shooting

Small Legs: Although quite a hefty fellow, Warplock has proportionally very small legs. Though he can charge and pursue (and if nececary flee) normal distances, he cant keep up on those long relentless marches (mostly due to the fact that he is a lazy bum), -1 to marching distance.

Hat collector: Due to his many types of hats he has stashed in his bedroom, which include a Jamaican dread beanie (dreadlocks included), a Russian Army hat, and a Dr Suess ‘Cat in the Hat’ hat, he gains great respect in the Chaos Dwarf community. Therefore any Chaos Dwarf unit he joins gains +1 to any leadership bonuses.

Cold Blooded: Due to the time he has spent with the Servants of the Old Ones, he has grown to adapt to their ways. Follows the cold blooded rule (see LM rulebook)

Home-Bwoiz: Cause he is ‘well Gangtash’, he can choose to be ‘home bwoiz’ with any allied character. Therefore, if either Warplock or the character chosen suffer 1 or more wounds, the othe model gains frenzy until the unit or model responsible is slain. Also, a +1 to any leadership rolls taken by both Warplock and ‘home-bwoi’ IF the ‘dang b*tch who sassed ma homie’ (model/unit) is killed by either of them.

Point cost: 80 pts

Can be used in either Lizardman or Chaos Dwarf armies

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m mostly trying to decide who to do :wink:

Kera foehunter:

  • kera see 2 head walk over  and give him a kiss on the cheek*

    kera whisper in his ear !! great job this is perfect  thank you

    2 heads be shocked !!! kera reaches and steals his billfold

    as she walks away singing yo ho yo ho and a bottle of rum!!


* kera see 2 head walk over  and give him a kiss on the cheek*
kera whisper in his ear !! great job this is perfect  thank you  
2 heads be shocked !!!! kera reaches and steals his billfold
as she walks away singing yo ho yo ho and a bottle of rum!!

Kera foehunter
/blush /BOW ...... moments later, Hey, she swindled me billfold..


Member’s Name - Awbbie



4 7 3 5 5 3 4 4 9

Equipment: The Crown of sorcery, Heavy armor, Lotsa choppas, shield,

Special Rules:

The Crown of sorcery: The crown allows Awbbie to be a second level wizard out of the lore of death, but it is very confusing listening to both it’s voice and his own. As so he suffers from stupidlty.