[Archive] Spikes' RH 8th 2k allcomers


I’d like your comments on this allcomers list for 8th ed. Any hints or suggestions are appreciated!


CD Hero, BSB, Armour of Gazrakh, Dragonbane Gem, Great Weapon

CD Lord, General, Armor of the Furnace, shield, Dawnstone (3+ AS rerollable, 5+ ward, immune to fire based spells such as lore of metal!)


Looks like a good list, though as a BSB your hero is not allowed to take a GW.

My Thoughts:

- Good Choice on the Armor of Furnace, I think the potion of strength would be good for the lord, otherwise you are capped at S4.

- Drop the LA and shields on the hobgoblins. From my experience hobgoblins never live up to their potential as “medium infantry” because of low leadership and animosity. I would rather use the points to bulk the unit to 40+ models and add another bolt thrower or add more bodies to the archer unit.

- I’ve been running large units of CD warriors for a while, but I’m thinking about dropping one since opponents tend to avoid them and concentrate on the softer units in my army (i.e. everything else). Dropping one of the units and bumping up the remaining one to 30+ will almost gaurantee you a steadfast unit.

- If you drop the second warrior unit, you will free up points for a huge unit of orcs, which will soak up fire and give your opponent something else to worry about.

Good Luck!


I have a feeling that if I field orcs, it will take a huge footprint on my deployment (this is critical in Battle for the Pass) and they have animosity, and they have less armor than the dwarves against shooting. All of this for a point cost that is too high for me to consider them expendable.