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Mystery “army” has ben revealed… sort of…



‘Something that GW have never done before’.

A price cut? :slight_smile:

Seriously though, it looks worryingly like another lump of lame guff for 40k playing 12 year olds. I very much hope I am mistaken. Shame it isn’t CDs though.

Hmm those question marks make me wonder… if I jump up and head butt it, will a red and white mushroom pop out and make me grow larger?


Mystery "army" has ben revealed... sort of...


-It is a completely stand alone set that is not related to any race.

-It is something that GW has never done before.

-Some local stores are only getting one shipment; when that sells out it will no longer be available.

-You can't advance order it. You have to be there on the day to get it.
Will in all likelyhood have nothing to do with CDs, unless you take it to mean compact discs.

I'm throwing this out there: Bitz Box


Hmmm… Listed under 40k rumours, and with ‘-It is a board game.’  Ltd ed space hulk anyone? That happens to be due out in august/ sept as well…

I don’t think this is related to the ‘mystery army’ at all.

Having read more of the rumours I think it’s also phrased as something that is not currently for sale, not necessarily something that has not been done before.


It could also be some of those rumours are complete junk too…


“It is a board game.” Pretty much rules anything for fantasy or 40K, although you might be able to use the models if it has any. Maybe a special edition of that new Chaos in the Old World game.


I’m hoping for a limited edition 3-d version of Space Hulk. That would be kind of cool.


Over on warseer people seem to think there will be a version requiring batteries, with doors that actually open!!?

I’ll split this, on the assumption that it is not directly to do with CD as far as we know.



GOD i am exited! And enraged! It isn’t chaos dwarfs!?!?!

Anyhow, i will probably not buy it if it isn’t awesome enough!


I’ve lost interest.

If its limited availability, never to be sold again, then it has limited value to the regular gamer, or regular GW hobbyist. Thus, not worth worry about. Like a 40k Chess Game or something. Speaking as someone who picks up their exclusives only to be be burned on a regular basis (like the Talisman LE, for eg), I’ll probably end up buying it, but not really caring about whether I get it or not.