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Anyone looking forward to the game, and what sort of race do you plan on making?

For those who don’t know, Spore is a game that is being made by Will Wright, the creator of The Sims and other such Sim games.

You start the game as a single celled organism, and as the game progresses you are able to evolve your organism with varius parts. As you evolve you get bigger untill you progress into the creature phase. At this point the evolution step takes on the apearance of a mix of a lump of clay, and MR. Potato head. You can grab, drag, stretch, and inflate your creature, and there is a pallet of parts to choose from to place on the creature.

The possabilities are boundless, give him two arms with mouths on them, and his eyes sticking on the end of stalks attached to it’s butt, or any other varius creations. Heck, just for fun they made a freakin care bear using the creature editor.

As you progress your creature’s mind evolves. Once it gets to a certain point, the game progresses onto the tribal stage, at which point you are no longer able to evolve the look of your creature. The game now plays similar to other tribal based RTS games. As you acumulate points you can buy varius huts or objects to give your tribe, such as spears (if you gave your creatures some form of hand or grasper) for added attack and defencive ability, or drums and a camp fire for spirituality and social interaction. the goal in this phase is to some how defeat the other tribes around you, Either by force or through alliances and diplomacy.

It then moves onto the city building stage. Now more like a traditional RTS you are able to build cities, factories, and varius vehicles. You now must deal in resources. In most other ways it plays like an upgraded version of the last stage. You goal is to unite your planet, through conquest, diplomacy, or financial/technological superiority. Once you have acomplished one of these goals you will reach the last stage of the game.

Space Exploration.

At this point the game will rather closly resemble games such as star controll. You will explore the universe which is truly and extrodinarly expansive, there are litteraly billions of stars represented in this game based fictional universe, and each and everyone is explorable.

Now here is the Kicker. Everything you see in the game, was created by the players, and or developers.

The game is the first and only Massivly Single Player Game.

It is possable to play this game entirly offline using only the prerendered content available with the game, however if you add in an internet connection it becomes entirly more interesting.

As you play through the game, periodicly the game will send the main server a copy of your race, planet, and varius other things (and due to the files being procedural (probbaly spelled that wrong) your creature, and the entire makeup of how it and it’s society behaves takes up aproximatly 4 killobytes). Then whenever you encounter a new area, or the game feels there is a need for a new creature to fill an ecological niche in your game, it will search online in the massive database for a creature or object that fills that requirment, then sends it to your computer.

If your wondering “well if anyone could come apon my race or my planet while they are playing, couldn’t they just blow up my planet? What would happen then?”

As this game is single player, each person can do what ever they want to their universe. This will however not effect your single player experience.

You will however recive a report that states how many people have allied themselves to your race, or blown it up, or varius other things.

Anouther interesting aspect of the game is that the way you interact with other species, and your own species during the varius phases deturmins how they will act and react when they show up on other people’s computers.

Thus if you never once made an attempt at diplomacy during the tribal or city stage, your race will in general kill first, worry about the conciquences later.

The creature editor will be available to buy ($9.99) or demo (with reduced functionality) in either June or July of this year, and full release of the game set for September 7th In the U.S. And a few days after that in Europe

Once you get to the space age, you can scan creatures and varius other things in the game and a “score card” style data sheet will spear in your database on the game, which will show you varius things about that object/creature, including the user name of the person who made it. You will then be able to “bookmark” that person, and from then on their creations will become more likly to apear in your game. I am not sure exactly how much of an increase in chance but anyways. I asume it will also work the other way around as well.

Your ship also has varius tereforming tools, such as using a tracterbeam to drag a comit to make it crash into the planet, causing the water level to rise, or injecting green house gasses to raise the temperature, or if you just get fed up, you can blow the planet up.

One funny thing will wright did in one of his presentations (most can be found on youtube) was that during the creature phase, a large spider creature terrorized his creatures, so he abducted one, and took it to a moon with no air, then placed it onto the planet, it then proceded to blow up.

Here is a funny video of Robin Williams using the creature editor.


A good video for a general overview of the spore gameplay.


Although the text is in anouther language ( I assume German or Russian, but I’m not sure).

And Aparently Camoflage will be an ability as the large preditor during the tribal stage, after attacking and eating one of the player’s creatures, procedes to disapear in a “preditor the movie” style fashion.

Here is anouther video with a english announcer describing the creature phase and the space stage.


Part 2


Sorry for the long winded post.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

well i was looking forward to this game do you know want conseles it’s for

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

I saw this over on Bugman’s and I think it sounds like a pretty awesome game.

is it for Wii and X box 360 if so I’ll totally get it. It’ll be a nice break from Warhammer.


I know its coming to the iPhone! Of which I’ve got mixed feelings about… Great now one more way to waste time at work; as if CDO wasnt bad enough.


The Iphone release will only be the Cell Phase I belive. Also I know they intend to bring it out on multiple consoles, such as the Wii, however they will also limit what phases you can play on some consoles. I belive the DS (or was it PSP) release will be for the creature phase only. I think the wii release will probably include every phase, but I’m not certain.

Pyro Stick:

Princess Peachie is excited about this and so is another of my friends but tbh im more excited about other games, in particular Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and Super Smash Bros. Brawl which STILL hasnt been released in europe.


Wii? 360? I’ve only heard about PC, and nothing else.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Princess Peachie is excited about this and so is another of my friends but tbh im more excited about other games, in particular Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and Super Smash Bros. Brawl which STILL hasnt been released in europe.

Pyro Stick
ah well SSB will be released this month in europe


Alright, I just found an article online that says that Will Wright has stated that Spore will come to the Wii, 360, and PS3.

Wii: http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3164001

XBox 360 (where he also confirms that they will come to all consoles) :http://www.xbox360news.com/Blogs/News/hqs/blr_4361.aspx

And if you look on the right on this IGN page, it lists all the consoles that Spore will come out on, although not all on september 7th.

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One thing for sure is that Spore has all the makings of being a (pardon the pun) monster hit. It has a real chance of dethroning the Sims as one of the most popular (if not the most popular) game franchise out there.


I’ve been waiting for this freakin’ game since F&%¤)n’ 2006!!!


But now i’ts finaly comin’ out, the only game that I’m more hyped (sp?) about is MGS4.


Spore and Warhammer Online are my big hypes right now. I know this is off topic but what race do you all plan on playing on war online? Dwarfs?, Chaos?, ect.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Spore and Warhammer Online are my big hypes right now. I know this is off topic but what race do you all plan on playing on war online? Dwarfs?, Chaos?, ect.

druchii black guard or something orc


I personaly can’t decide what race I’ll play, although I can narrow down what classes for each race I’d play.

Empire: The only one I’d be willing to play is the Bright Wizard pyromanic extrodinare. Blowing S**t up is the entire working mechanic for the class, oh and burning things.

High elves: I was thinking of skiping this race alltogether at first, however they recently announced the 4th class for the race.

White Lions. You are a melee class who gets a pet, and not just any pet, a freakin lion. I’ve always wondered why there hasn’t been any melee based classes so far that use pets.

Dwarfs: This one is harder, as I like most of the classes. I’ll have to try out the Runesmith, Hammerer, and Ironbreaker, although I’ll probably end up as either Ironbreaker, or Runesmith.

Dark Elf: I’ll probably dabble a little in The disciple, and the Sorcerer, but I’ll most defenetly play The Black Guard.

Orcs: Anouther tough one as I like them all, although if I had to drop one It would be shaman, and I’ll have to try out both Chopper, and Black orc to see which I like better. The Squig hopper is a must.

Chaos: It’s a toss up between The Chosen, and a Magus. Flying around on a disc throwing lightning, or being a huge lumbering suit of armor. I’ll also try out the Murauder for it’s mutations.

Once I’ve tryed everything, I’ll be able to narrow it down.


Do any of you plan on making Warhammer races in spore?


if spore comes for the PC I migth try to create chaos dwarfs or some goblins


I was planning to make a bloodletter.


I might make ogres or orcs, and possably some tyranids, probably Carnafex.

zorn sabretooth:

chaos spawn yay!