[Archive] squat project


Hi, taking a break from my chaos dwarfs, I made a testmodel for a squat conversion…

Kera foehunter:

Nice start. What did you use for the gun? I mean what 40 k group


It’s a combination of the normal thunderer’s musket and a normal Space Marine boltgun.

I take a thunderer’s arm with a musket (and the left hand holding it) and remove most of the musket, but I leave the stock and the grip. Then I remove the grip from the boltgun and glue it to the remains of the musket.

I cut the left hand from the removed musket bit and leave a bit of plastic around it, so it looks like a handle. I glue two bits of round plasticard to it to improve the handle look. This new “hand with handle” is glued on the top of the gun. This way it looks like a heavy weapon in the way, it is carried.

My first try was just to glue the boltgun (with a few bits cut off) on top of the thinned musket, leaving the left hand in place. But this way the gun got much larger and the squat had it in front of his eyes. So, I tried it this way and I’m quite happy with it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Extremely cool. I love the stock being ont he boltgun, a very nice look. One suggestion is to have the model a little less busy though - I’d remove the dwarf coins/medals/symbols/whatever the hell those things are supposed to have always been. They’re cluttering up the model a little, especially with the buckler-cum-pauldrons and the stock, combined with the low hight. But wonderful job.


ah, ok, now I understand, what “busy” means… sorry, I’m no native english speaker…

You say there are too many details? Hm. I will think about it and probably remove the “coins” from the beard. I think, I will leave other coins (on this mini only on the stock of the gun)…

Thanks for the tip. :hat off

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sorry Stiglitz - I didn’t take language into account there. yes, I meant there is too much stuff in a small space. The coin ont he end of the gun is probably fine and can help make it look cool, but the ones on the beard are cluttering up the model.