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i’m just curious but has anyone tried converting dwarfs into squats for 40k?

was thinking of making a squat based army with the dark eldar rules (just cause I think it would be hillarious). From what I understand though 40k is alot more WYSIWYG so not sure how good of an idea this would be.

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

If you’d just get a BfSP set (easy converting since they’re one piece), and some 40k bits such as guns or ammo belts, I think you’d be able to create an squat-army pretty easily, yeah.


It’s very easily done, Imperial guard and Marines are your best “counts as” rules, I’d probablly go with marines.

Knight Of Awsome:

Chaos Squats, now every one is going to want to play that army!!:cheers


i’m actually thinking dark squats.

well had some extra GS with my latest blunderbusses conversions so made an attempt at a squat haemonculus with scissorhands and a splinter pistol

pretty much want to do dark eldar for them because

1) I love the portable star gate idea :smiley:

2) I think it makes sense fluff wise some of the squats might have survived the nid buffet and escaped into the web way. Also since they are use to working on a very high grav planet on a normal grav one they would probaly be fast buggers

3) the idea of a bunch of squats jumping out of the shadows and taking prisoners I find hillarious for some reason :smiley:

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I am in the process of creating a squat army based on marines. I am making thyem a mechanised army with lots of dreadnaughts and fliers and tanks. I have modified the BFSP Dwarf fence into my captain with artificer armour, I will post pics when I have some. They are the clan dwarf plastics, arms removed, sm arms and backpacks added, they look great.

Also, check out this link: http://www.warmongerclub.com/articles/chaossquats3.html


omg those horror and nurglings are pure awsome.

for bike ideas I was planning to convert ork Wartrak. The have a basic trike look, just need to shorten the back and add wheels. At least in theory :smiley: