[Archive] Starting a LoA army

Goltor Lintrepide:

Hi everyone, it’s been 3 weeks since I start my LoA army.

Here’s what I purchased/converted to date :

-Drazhoath the Ashen
-1 Sorcerer-prophet
-1 Daemonsmith
-1 Castellan
-1 Hobgoblin Khan
-1 Taur’ruk
-20 Infernal guard (with 20 interchangeable fireglaives) and Full Command (1 deathmask, 1 musician and 1 standard bearer)
-20 Hobos with hand weapon and shield
-3 Bull Centaurs
-3 Fireborn
-10 wolf raiders
-1 Destroyer

I’m also working on a Rocket Launcher and a Magma Cannon.

So my question is : Do I need something else to have fun with a LoA army while being efficient? I was thinking maybe to get another 3 Bull Centaur or 3 Fireborn. And maybe 1 more Rocket Launcher or Magma Cannon. Also should I get more Hobbos?
On a side note, while reading other Army list threads, I saw many lists had 2 wolf riding Khan in it. Why?

Sorry for bad english.


I think your army is looking pretty good and have plenty there for a fun close combat oriented list.

I would increase the size of your hobgoblins to 30 or 40 and increase your Fireborn up to 6 (3 is a little too risky with their burning bright rule).

The reason people like to have mounted khans is as bait, redirectors, war machine hunters and march blockers among other things. You can also use Wolf Raiders for such tasks which you have enough of.


FireBorn dont work in units of 3, in a standard game you have to make 5 Ttests id you fail one they lose D3 wounds. they wont survive and lose all combat potential so Take 6 or just use them as unit fillers for your warriors and Get 3 extra Centaurs.