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(If interested in participating in this project, just post a reply or send me a private message and I’ll add you to the rapidly growing list, thanks in advance for helping your fellow gamers!)

Starting a new army for 8th - A multi-forum informational guide for Warhammer players past, present, and future

Hello all, I come to you today asking for your insights on your army. Currently, a project is underway to create a comprehensive guide for each Warhammer Fantasy army in 8th edition. This project is being developed as a way to get new players interested in Fantasy, to help players wanting to start a new army, and to provide opinions and insights on the new world of Fantasy with the advent of 8th edition. This project is meant as an interesting and fun way for Warhammer Fantasy players to express how they feel about their armies while also providing useful opinions to fellow wargamers.

While the main composition will be posted on another wargaming forum, I will happily compile specific army reviews for each and every forum that can be reviewed by mods and updated by trusted forum members or moderators. This way, every army specific forum will have informational reviews for new members to their forums, while also providing a continual thread that can be used as new army books are released and players discuss how they find updated units both new and old.

While the true scope of this project is still unknown, I fully expect it to be quite grand in scale as more and more people become interested and forum members brainstorm on what to include in their analysis.

This project is absolutely open to everyone and I will go through the process of recording the statistical data that is submitted by every user. With that said, the primary goal of this project is to summarize your army of choice, the units within it, and how you would personally go about building your army.

1. Army Introduction

A. Just a general introduction to you and your army. Nothing to fancy, just state your army, how long you been playing, general wargaming experience, etc.

B. Army Critique : You can note what you like/dislike in your army, the general strengths/weaknesses of the army, comparison in power to other armies, what makes the army unique, why you started collecting this army, and so forth. I’m not asking for people to write a novel here, but feel free to write your critique however you see fit. Heck, I even support people roleplaying if they want to do that.

C. Army Lists : At this point, you could list popular army list compositions, playstyles, and what not. Do not feel pressured to submit your own army list, unless you want to.

2. Unit Review

A. This is the meat and potatoes of the project and will generally involve giving a thoughtful review of each unit from your army book. For this review I will ask players to use a scale of 1-10, with scores of 1 representing low reviews and scores of 10 representing excellent units. Half points may also be used depending on the preference of the reviewer. This review will be generally aimed at how often a unit is used, the strengths/weaknesses of the unit, and the overall usefulness of the unit in 8th. Again, I am not asking for people to write a novel for each unit, but to just a give brief review for each unit, however, I will not put a limit on how much you wish to write about each unit as I know there are very passionate gamers out there who want to examine every angle of each unit. Further, I would also recommend players discuss popular equipment choices with each unit they review as we all know hand weapon and shield units perform vastly different roles than great weapon units

To judge a unit in 8th is of course subjective and by no means is there a “wrong” answer, opinions of course will differ. To account for this, only extreme outlier scores will be removed from the overall analysis unless an in depth reason is given. For example, in a review of Chaos Warriors : person A scores 9, person B scores 9.5, person C scores 9 and person D scores 2.5 it would be justified to remove the outlier score of person D unless a very detailed and thorough reason is given on why that score was given, simply saying marauders are better than warriors would not justify the low score.

I know this section can be rather daunting with some army books, specifically Orcs and Goblins, as there are a wide variety of units and writing an in depth review may be difficult. Also, it is entirely plausible some gamers may not just have experience using every unit in their army books. Therefore, I am perfectly fine accepting reviews of specific units people have experience using, this is suppose to be fun and informative, not stressful, write what you feel passionate about and if you don’t get to every single unit, so what, :slight_smile:

3. New Player Startup

A. This is a unique section to this project which will be primarily aimed at helping individuals new to Fantasy with starting your army of choice. To begin with, you could list how you would go about starting to collect your army. This could be suggesting buying the army book, the battalion (or why not to buy the battalion in some cases), certain box sets, or even the new Island of Blood starter set in the case of Skaven and High Elf reviewers. Than you could expand on what essential buys a player might want to invest in once they get started, usually units that are typically found in most army lists, such as Slaan for Lizardmen.

B. The “Cheapest Method” section : Just for fun (and for the financially restricted) you could suggest the cheapest method to assembling a 2,000 point army list. This can deal with bargain shopping, simple conversions, small numbered armies, and so forth. This section is entirely optional, but could be useful for those who are looking to start a new army “on the cheap”


This sounds like it could have A LOT of conflicting opinions present, since you’re asking for personal favourites from people it seems?

Additionally, I’m assuming this would be related to the Chaos Dwarf Indy GT list?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I agree, Fallen246.

However, I don’t think it would be since 1) That’s even less official than the Ravening Hordes list, lol. 2) It’s not been updated for 8th edition. 3) Even those that use the Indy GT list will have most likely used the Ravening Hordes list until then (or maybe once or twice since then if that was what had got them into CDs).

One question from me: is this a case of people make a post in this thread with all of the above done?


@Fallen246 : hmmm, hadn’t thought of that with CD. I would suggest the Ravening Hordes list. While there is a lot of opinion involved, I would hope people would try to be objective as possible to help players, especially new players who might have interest in the army. Just think about writing from the perspective of a grizzled veteran passing on information to a greenhorn.

@Hashut’s Blessing : I try to check each forum three times a week for new posts and to read private messages. I would suggest people send me private messages, unless it is a short review (no pun intended)

Thanks for showing interest all!

I’ve already got 20+ of these guides to start compiling from various forums, :slight_smile: