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So after playing some time with ogres and vampires and almost being tempted into starting high elves… I have been swayed to start the much rarer and much more interesting chaos dwarfs. I had an old tauros model sitting around and at the 25th birthday I snagged myself a few old unopened chaos dwarf blisters.

I have a few general questions as it looks like its going o be best to go the conversion route with this army for the time being but that will make it all the more satisfying.

So the questions are as follows:

1) Are any of the new Dwarf models feasible for conversion or are the BfSP models the best way to go in the end?

2) I see a ton of masks on the wonderful models I see on the forum. With the recent death of the bits program from GW where would be the best place to get either chaos warrior heads or masks from the mutations sprue or wherever you all find them?

3) Anyone else feel black haired slayer models could do the trick in some cases?

4) Do you tend to use the old official rules or are there some well accepted modern unofficial lists?

5) How do the old rules stand up in today’s gaming environment?

I think that’s all for now don’t want to spam you guys with questions on day one!

Thanks in advance.

Kera foehunter:

well i have not use bfsm dwarfs i stick to verion 6dwarfs they enter change with chaos marauders ,goblin ,night goblins

#2 ebay

#3 yes if they are cd pirates

#4 ??? my army not done

#5 same as above

lol spam

Thommy H:


1) Yes, plenty. The Dwarf Thane leaning on his axe is a popular one.

2) I guess you’d have to suck it up and buy a plastic regiment or something. I have an overflowing bitz box for all that stuff though.

3) Sure, if it fits how you envisage the Chaos Dwarfs.

4) Old official rules - specifically those contained in [[Ravening Hordes]]. There should be a link around the site somewhere. They might or might not be “legal” depending on your point of view. There are a few fan-created lists floating around too (most notably Grimstonefire’s around here) but if they happen not to match how you think of Chaos Dwarfs then they might not be for you.

5) Surprisingly well. Some people read them and think they’re a bit powerful actually, mainly because they’re pretty uncomplicated. They have some nice little features to exploit (Ld 10 Heroes, dirt cheap awesome fast cavalry, etc.).


Hobbo wolfriders FTW! Seriously these guys are what were the drawing poiny if you will for Chaos Dwarfs for me.

Thommy H:

Best unit in the game. If you could take them as real Core choices, the army list would be completely broken.


yea the list works really well for its simplicity, and the fact is can be built in many different ways: heavy infantry, gunline, horde, magic heavy, in fact the only major type that you cant field is an all mounted force.

leadership 10 heroes combined with the staying power of chaos dwarf sheildfighter infantry can make a very solid line.

as far as models go just take a look around the different galleries on here, and the showcase section is especially good, and is sure to inspire your choices miniature-wise.

Thommy H:

Actually, this is the one build I'm not convinced Chaos Dwarfs can pull off. Their only True Core missile troops don't have the range and everything else is just bows. But that's okay because gunlines suck anyway. Learn to play instead of just sitting there like a goddamn turtle :mad


Wow much quicker response than I expected o=

Who ever says the CDs are dead should wander over to this side of the web

Anyway I had ignored the conceopt of chaos dwarfs since 5th or 6th and to be quite honest the idea of playing something no one in my area seems to touch is quite refreshing. Plus with the fact that GW hasn’t had their hands on CDs since the hellcannon it leaves me/us free to do whatever we choose.

The current rules certainly lack the touch of chaos thats present in the chaosy armies. In the end though do chaos dwarfs really worship chaos at all?


If you are going for the Hellcannon look, your first stop should be the Dwarf Miners boxed set as they all have bare - uncovered - arms, just like the hellcannon crewman. Replace the torso with some easy beard sculpting (if you have seen my videos) and add the mask bit of your choice.

Then you can add scale mail armour over top of the chain mail if you wish. And that’s all there is to it. :slight_smile:


The current rules certainly lack the touch of chaos thats present in the chaosy armies. In the end though do chaos dwarfs really worship chaos at all?

To say this has been discussed at length would be putting it lightly, have a read of the Wiki and make your own conclusions.

1) All the dwarf models are suitable. People choose BfSP because its easy and cheap, as you can use both the goblins and the dwarfs

2) All sorts of components will do, have a rumage through your bitz box and see what you can find. Skeles could provide some skulls to be cast. Alternatively ask if you can borrow a mutation arm from a chaos player, cast it and return the arm intact.

3) Yes and no. Lots of people have proposed chaos dwarf berzerkersas a unit, and they featured back in third edition. However, all the models in the PDF list have heavy armour, so its not really WYSIWYG. If you're doing "counts as" dwarfs then they'd be a good slayer substitute.

4) Most people will use either Ravening Hordes (PDF list) or "counts as" normal dwarf rules. Some tournaments don't except Chaos Dwarfs so some of us choose to model our armies so they're usable with both lists. There are unofficial lists about but they vary in quality and are obviously no use outside friendly games

5) IMHO the old rules stand up well. I've never taken them to a tournament but in one-off, friendly and league games they've worked well. Be prepared for whinging about "unbalanced lists" but remind people that ravening horde were used for half a decade without complaints for a lot of armies and are offficially sanctioned. These people re most likely sore gamers. Be aware that two earthshakers in less than 3,000pts is beardy as hell however, and will cost you all your friends


Be aware that two earthshakers in less than 3,000pts is beardy as hell however, and will cost you all your friends

thats true but try going up against a tomb king army with 2 catapults, potential 4 shots per turn, 2 laser guided

Hashut’s Blessing:

  1. All of the dwarfs are. The main reason people use BfSP is the cehapness. However, the versatility is a little easier with the regiments etc.

    2) There are a few websites (here is one), but it’s easiest and cheapest to cast your own or better yet, sculpt your own for individuality/personal touches.

    3) They could, but if you want WYSIWYG, you will need to sculpt armour.

    4) 4th edition Ravening Hordes rules.

    5) They cannot be used in tournaments, but are fine if you overlook issues with the bull centaurs and the missing sneaky gits Lap Around rules.

turquois dwarf:

if you were woried about WYSIWYG for the slayers give them lava skin!!! :hashut!

also if your just starting have a look at mordheim. you might be able to use youre models sooner :slight_smile: