[Archive] Steam Carriages?

Ugly Green Trog:

So i’m thinking about it and seriously wondering if steam carriages are worth the 25pt upgrade. 9 times in 10 you don’t ever want to move your warmachines anyway and I believe if they are towed they cannot fire if the iron daemon has moved, does anyone have a compelling reason to take them?


Maybe move the magma cannon closer.  Doesn’t it have 18 inch range.  Or hauling in blunderbussers.


A ‘Train Raid’ scenario with OnGs vs CDs could be well fun, with Orcs attacking an ID on its way to Zharr Naggrund. Use the rules for Warhammer Skirmish and fight running battles on the carriages as the ID tries to leave the board before it gets overrun. VPs for the OnGs for taking over carriages, etc. Would be awesome.

But in a regular game of Warhammer? No point.


i only see the use on apoc-sized tables. but for those, it is a neat option.