[Archive] Steam Powered BC (with driver)


As I said in the Bull Father thread, I’m going to have a go at making one of these, a monstrous cav. bull centaur with a driver.

I’ve done a simple sketch for how I’ll do the lower body, but where I am stuck is where to put the driver?  As I see it there are 3 options:

Firstly I put him sitting on a control chair over the BC’s bottom.  The problem with this is that logically he won’t be able to see what he’s attacking without some sort of telescope poking around the side because the front part would be a regular ogre sized machine torso.

The second option is to have him effectively mounted on the back of the BC upper body. So he could possibly see over the top, maybe a small telescope somewhere, in the BC mouth?

The third option is to have him actually inside the machine like I did with the Bull Father.  The problem with this one is that I’d like to put a head of some sort on the BC torso somewhere, and this doesn’t leave many places unless I make him tall and stick it ontop.

I guess a head wouldn’t be essential. I could just stick it on the lower body I guess, a bit like a taurus.

For weapons I was thinking a big axe or hammer held in hands.


How about use the driver as a front load on it, but armour him up so he’s protected.

So the basic shape would be ‘like’ a bull centaur. I might make a image to show what I mean.


how about making the upper body of the bc as some kind of streel cage or some kind of window in his chest so you can see there a driver guy inside


option #3 was my first thought… glad you came up with it too!

You could swing down the route kind of like Humongous in Labyrinth :wink: – “Who Goes!!!”

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I’d also integrate the driver in the actual bull centaur frame instead of sitting him on top. It would look much more interesting and tech-y to have him directly interfaced with the engine. It would also be good reason to have a bull centaur body because the back could bear the whole steam engine / machinery and with four legs would be sufficiently stable on the battlefield.


Perhaps put him in the Astragoth possition?

In fact how i’d make would be like astragoth but with back legs behind him.