[Archive] Steampunk mecha bull centaur Destroyer wip


When you hold the instructions upside down, you get this:

I am currently waiting on more bits to arrive to finish, i have a Stonehorn head for it and some empire cannon parts, and i cannot remember what else for it. Im scratch building a vertical boiler on its back and will add many pipee and rivets (and maybe more spikes). I plan to add a smoke stack protuding from the top of the head in the style of a big hat which will be the hard bit. There are some scibor moscal dwarf-head shields on the front and sides, when i find some chain i will make chain link beards under them terminating in skulls. When all of the parts are glued, i will add sculpted flame from various parts of the skin. Im going to build some ogre/bloodcrusher bull centaurs to go with it, so hoping that will look good together. Anyhow, this is the plan! Will add proper photos when i have done some more.


The pics are a bit blurry and washed out, but it looks promising!

Keep us posted. :slight_smile: