[Archive] StokeRogue's Big Hats - Very much a W.I.P


So, first off thanks for the warm welcome!

I was asked in the introduction thread for pics of my mini’s, so I thought I better get my act together.

The majority of this army was painted in the late 90’s and has a distinct “Red Period” feel to it. It is also in pretty bad shape due to years of neglect in a cupboard and could really do with a complete re-paint. On the plus side, even though I haven’t used the army in years, I was still picking up the odd model here and there which has added up to quite a chunk of extra figures to add in.

Anyway, here some pics.



Glad to see you getting back to it!! Love seeing the Big Hats get some love!

Keep the updates & progress coming!



Thats a pretty good sized force, glad that you’ve brought them back into the light


Uhh! That is quite a collection! Please give it a lot of love. It can look amazing <3


Great classic models in a great classic paint scheme! Love’em

From these pictures can’t really see much damage, are you going to strip and repaint?


Looks great. You are well on your way to a full force already.


I like this army! where are you from?

Pappa Midnight:

Wow. Very nice collection indeed. I’m glad they are seeing the light of day once more.



Thanks for the words of encouragement.

To answer your questions, I am intending to strip and repaint these guys. The pictures are pretty long range and don’t show that there are quite a few chips and knocks on these guys, also these are pretty early paint jobs so I reckon I can do much better this time round (plus there are a few different styles from where I have picked up figures here and there)!

I’m from Stoke in the U.K.!

This is not going to be a quick project though, so don’t expect lightening fast progress. I have multiple Warhammer armies, all of which need to be re-aligned to 6th edition rules so I have lots of projects on the go at once :slight_smile:



Grimbold Blackhammer:

I find with metal minis, if I don’t put a matte spray coat over them then the paint peels over time just from picking them up during battles (if that helps!).

Those are some great models - you’re off to a great start :hashut