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Hi all!

My name is Lord Nawabra of Zharr Ambria im from Canary Islands and my english is not very good but I would like to exchange some ideas with you all.

I was wondering if the rule Stone curse could be used as a general rule for all the army:

Stone Curse: chaos dwarfs selled their souls to the corruption of minor chaos God Hashut, embracing the power of magic their dwarven nature fight the corruption of magic turning their bodys in stone. The change is even stronger in magicians and sorcerers who lose mobility in his limbs with the pass of the years till become living statues. The stone curse is expresed in game with a additional +1 sv to all armor saving throws, but the lose of mobility leaves all the army with a I value of 1.

This is :

A C. dwarf with no armour still have a armour save of 6+

-shield+ stone curse : 5+

-light armour + stone : 5+

-light a. + shield+ stone + hand weapon: 3+ / 4+

-heavy +shield+stone +hand weapon: 2+/ 3+

But all the models in army will have I:1, also bull centaurs and heroes.

Sorceror Harness: As the chaos Dwarf stone curse affects even more to the magic users , the chaos dwarf engeneers have created mobility harness for the lords of the Mingol , those are the sorceror harness , a engine of destruction very close to exo-armours, the sorceror harness provides to his wearer a armour save of 6+ but is not considered as a armor , so his wearer still can cast spells wearing it, also the sorceror harness provides the strenght of his smoky pistons to the wearer adding +1 St +1 A.

A Sorceror Harness have a cost of +40 pts. and can be added as a equipment, not as magic item.

  I have pics of my sorcerers with the sorc harness and my chaos dwarfs are all turning to stone so their skins are painted with charadon granite, purple ink and soft highlighted with fenris grey and warlock purple.


Low move and I1 is incredibly harsh. i don’t see the +1Sv making up for the fact myself.

In my army book, I gave the sorcerers a low M, but a Sv bonus, and options for other characters to do something similar.

Ancient History:

Why don’t we just strap the sorcerer to the chest of a slave giant? :hat

Hashut’s Blessing:

slev, i thought the opposite. As dwarfs, it’s only half the initiative (also, I don’t get why the I1 would be army wide, same as the stone armour), but +1AS is worth more than +1I IMO. If they keep the current starting equipment, for 9 points, they have heavy armour, shield and a +1 to their AS. That means 4+ if using great weapons, 3+ from shooting with shields and 2+ if using the shield in combat. VERY overpowered. I think this should be reserved for the characters.

The sorcerer harness: 5+ armour save, +1S and +1A for 40 points? +1S is 20points, +1A is 25 points and +1AS is 3points. ow, the S and A are both magical, but since it’s combined into one, I think the points can remain the same, but that still makes the equipment about 48points.


The point I was making is that if you make CDs I1, the only figures that strike after them will be those with Great Weapons, and Zombies.

As they almost always strike last, the +1Sv will be a lot less valuable than than what they’ve given up IMNSHO.


The point I was making is that if you make CDs I1, the only figures that strike after them will be those with Great Weapons, and Zombies.

As they almost always strike last, the +1Sv will be a lot less valuable than than what they've given up IMNSHO.

Well , in fact they always strike last you are true, but think +1sv or attack always first with 2 handed weapons ...What is more overpowered? I think the special rules that GW is introducing in the new armys (Vampire counts casting with armour, necromancy spells can be casted every time u want...) Are worth enough to a +1sv , think u can limitate it:

Blunderbusses cant use shield, bull centaurs and warriors use 2 handed weapons... Dont think they are overpowered, also with a I of 1 and no rentless move balance is ensured.


Well, looking at it that way, if you wanted to give the CDs +1Sv across the board, that would work. It’s all down to costing at the end of the day.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I2, they’re striking last almost the whole time anyway. Giving them plus 1 save and two hand weapons is basically a spear and shield unit, but better because you can get 2 attacks even without the rank behind… If you see what I mean.

I agree that the special armywide rules they are brining in are powerful, but not as powerful as an entire army having +1save. For VC, it’s only casters that are effective, with HEs they can still be shoot and cast to death easily enough, DEs have hatred, dwarfs can march within 8", daemons don’ have a (new) special rule. I think that, unless the cost of at least +2pts/model is incorporated, it’s too powerful. Mostly because it can be combined with other armour saves.