[Archive] Stone Mantle+Daemonsmiths


For 2000 point lists, LoA usually finds itself in a tough spot for points, and usually this causes us to leave out the sorcerer-prophet, due to his 300-400 point price and we rely on our daemonsmiths for our wizard and also our general.

However, in doing so the sorcerers curse has a much bigger impact on daemonsmiths then on prophets. Generally speaking, 3 of the miscast results cause wounds to the wizard with no look out sir, and all are wounding on a 2+ and generally leaving our daemonsmith with no armor save to speak of. Then on top of that, we take a toughness test which is pretty risky when our smiths are only t4, effectively making it possible to lose half or sometimes all of our magic in one miscast, giving up a significant amount of points, and more importantly our warmachine reroll.

Now this is where I see the stone mantle finally coming into play. No it is not a wardsave, BUT it will give us that important t5 for the sorcerers curse (which does not allow a wardsave anyway). Throw on a charmed shield onto the daemonsmith, and we effectively have a very sturdy caster who can live through a game going through multiple miscasts, without fearing the possibility of an instant death on 3 out of the 6 miscast results.

tl;dr Sorcerers Curse makes our daemonsmith generals overly vulnerable to miscasts, the stone mantle fixes this, and oddly seems to of been designed specifically for the lvl2 daemonsmith casting army general.


I like your combo man, however I’d never leave home without a lvl 4 of Hashut. I’ve played alot of games in my 10 months here and even when getting sucked into the warp the carpet sorc has been considered the MVP of my list. Ashstorm and Burning Wrath (not necessarily on the same target though its a brutal combo for monsters) is what wins me my games. He locks down deathstar units, he denies important charges, he fries unkillable chaos lords and daemonprinces, whipes out cavalry, march-blocks like a king, hunts warmachines, separates army-formations and always tries to be out of charge-range and overruns once you get used to that style of play. The Blood of Hashut upgrade is sweet, once I warded off a chaos lord of khorne in desparate close-combat and melted him on the spot, steed and all. This kind of mobile threat is terrifying. Arabyan carpet, lvl 4 Hashut, talisman of preservation and an enchanted shield and he’s good to go!

Magma and Hellcannons are great as they dont need much rerolls and remain ace alone. Need a shot badly? Fly the prophet within 3", also great when the Hellcannons have charged out on the table is to use the mobile LoS our carpet sorc gets :wink:

I’ve faced most armies these 5 past months, alot of variation and different lists, and quite an advanced level of play atleast these days, everyone agrees the carpetsorc is the most dangerous chaos dwarf unit we have access to, since I discovered the Hellcannons mobile LoS especially so.

In Endtimes Magic Ashstorm is sick, multiple lock-downs is a horrible thing to do to anyone.

Just some input :cheers