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Sorry if this has already been answered in another thread.

In the Storm of Magic our faithful Lammasu’s are getting used heavily by many races (including our cousins the goody two shoes dwarfs).

They have been given an update including new stats and abilities. My question is should we integrate these new abilties and stats into our existing RH lists?.. and is this even possible as the SoM has the Lammasu as a level 1 wizard in their own right?

I’m a stickler for updates especially somewhat sanctioned ones but I’m not sure how to go about fully integrating this one. I mean one of these with new rules and a CD Sorcerer might seem pretty cheesy.


                 M WS BS S T W I A Ld

    Lammasu 6 3 0 5 5 4 1 2 8 (can’t get these to line up)

nit Size: 1

Magic: A Lammasu is a Level 1 Wizard. A Lammasu uses spells from either the Lore of Fire, the Lore of Death or the Lore of Shadow.

Special Rules: Fly, Large Target, Magic Resistance (3), Terror

the link => http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat640011a&prodId=prod1250234a

Any tips or hints from people who are doing this or should I just stick with the RH list (I kinda want to use the newer stuff if I can). Any help appreciated

Thommy H:

The forthcoming CDO Ravening Hordes FAQ will be addressing this very issue.


Thanks for the heads up. I knew there was no way this could have been overlooked.


The lammasu is finecast, major sadness :frowning:

Unless you want a lammasu with the concistancy of a aero bar stay away :frowning:

Thommy H:

I’m not sure quite what that has to do with anything.


Sorry, I’m glad the lammasu is back I just wish it was in a nicer medium. Oh and that it arraived with a bunch of curly bearded balistic chaos dwarfs :3

Is that better? :wink:


WELL… if the rules from GD France are correct (as the lammasu uses the rules from storm of magic), when we can get a lvl sorcerer riding a lvl 2 sorcerer!!!

If the lammasu could cast a spell that lowers a units stat, the sorc-prop could cast something that makes that unit do a test based on that stat (or visa verser)


That is exactly the type of thing I am referring to. I mean I can just hear the complaining now… “you can’t have a sorcerer ride a sorcerer” etc etc

At least for now I thought it was much better to leave that can of worms alone. On the other side though it does mean that now the Lammasu is now definitely worth it’s points. It will be interesting to see how the FAQ guys deal with it. However there is a lot of cheesy fun to be had in the mean time… reminds me of a few other loop holes that can still be milked, the up and down side to an outdated army are definitely these teething issues. Remember the loop hole where the Black Orcs can carry CD banners like the banner of slavery that directly affects them… :~

If your lucky you can settle these things quickly but I must admit given our deficiencies in some areas it is fun to cheese it up sometimes especially when you have some accommodating opponents. (Off Topic, I always go all out cheesy on anyone I know who’s going to use mark of Khorne Chaos Knights and Juggernauts on me in low point games, cheese deserves cheese ;P)

I wonder if there is some way to still use this rule and have it not seem as cheesy? It would be nice to have a Lammasu be definitely worth the points. Still a sorcerer on a sorcerer is weird.

Hashut’s Blessing:

There is no reason as to why a caster can’t be mounted on a caster… I don’t see what the confusion is, personally. It’s like having two casters in one unit really.


There is no reason as to why a caster can't be mounted on a caster... I don't see what the confusion is, personally. It's like having two casters in one unit really.

Hashut's Blessing
YEP, the sorc-prop has his magic, then the lammasu, if one miscast then thats there magic done, then on to the other.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I don’t understand why that would be their magic done…

They are two casters, after all. Oh, sorry you meant that if the sorcerer miscast, you then move on to do the lammasu. My bad :wink:

Great thing about Lammasu in SoM is that it can take fulcrums, but can also Thunderstomp off of them (stomps don’t affect those on fulcrums, not vice versa!).


Great thing about Lammasu in SoM is that it can take fulcrums, but can also Thunderstomp off of them (stomps don't affect those on fulcrums, not vice versa!).

Hashut's Blessing
Big thumbs up to this one ;) Good job picking up on that tidbit!

With any luck, going from the drafts of the Throne of Chaos rules for the Legion of Azgorh, a Sorcerer-Priest on a Lammasu should do quite well occupying Fulcrums in SoM games ;) Not to mention to the two caster thing. Seems fitting that the Lammasu is a caster anyway as the old fluff seemed to indicate these were creatures of magical prowess



Its also funny in there new background, that lammasu’s don’t like fighting but will take over the minds of weaker willed creatures and make them do its bidding.

I’m starting to wonder whether il be running a sorcerer mounted on a lammasu , or a lammasu with a sorcerer on his back.

im starting to think doing an army of hobgoblins being made to fight by a lammasu, i would have to paint his eyes like this :